21 Sept 2012

Holiday favourites #5 - Nair brazillian spay clay range

When I'm at home I mostly use my epliator as I find that's on of the most convenient methods of hair removal, but it doesn't work on holiday with the different power supply.  Of course I take care of the fuzz before I go on holiday, but when you're away for two weeks, stray hairs are going to pop up so this year I was well prepared with Nair's brazillian spay clay range.

I got to try out the body wax strips which are perfect for legs.  After spending the day on a sun lounger spotting little hairs creeping up it was nice and easy to use a few of these strips to make sure my skin was nice and smooth again.  The strips aren't gooey and messy like some I've tried - they actually left hardly any wax behind on my skin, and what was there was easily wiped away with the post-waxing wipes which were also really moisturising.  

The facial strips were great for any annoying little hairs above my lip (the ones we all like to pretend we don't have right?) and grabbed even the shortest hairs.  

I'm pretty good when it comes to waxing, I don't find it too painful and actually get a weird little satisfaction from ripping off the strip, but I do draw the line and wimp out when it comes to my under arms.  If I gave it a go it would probably be okay, but it's a little phobia I have, so for that area I reached for the shower power cream instead.  If you've not used on of these before, they're so easy.  You just smooth on the cream over the skin where the hair is and leave it for a few minutes before showering it off.  My skin can be sensitive to hair removal creams, so I never leave it on quite as long as the instructions say, and that way I don't get any sensitivity issues.  It smells a lot nicer than some other hair removal creams I've used too!

You can pick up the Nair brazillian spa clay range at Boots, Asda, Sainsburys and Tesco.  The Body wax strips are £6.69, the facial strips are £5.69 and the shower power cream costs £6.69.
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  1. Do you find it removes every single hair? I think I must be doing it wrong cos I see all these great reviews but i can't make hair removal cream work for love or money! glad it works for you tho x

    1. I think you might not be putting on a thick enough layer of cream or you might need to leave it on a bit longer xx


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