1 Sept 2012

Holiday prepping: getting the legs out

So guess what, I've gone and booked myself a holiday somewhere hot (Vegas!) and in the run up to said holiday I've failed to get on a crazy crash diet or torture myself down the gym.  Kel suprise!  Panic time - there's nowhere to hide the wiggly thighs in a swimsuit now is there?  They really need to get some Dragon's Den types onto this, but until then, I have a back-up plan, and these are my weapons.

At about two to three weeks before my holiday, the panic set in that I had not managed to shrink my thighs to half their size through sheer willing and hoping alone, so out came the L'Occitane Amande beautiful shape* which I got back into using every night (well almost).  As you can see I've nearly run this out.  It's a really menthol sort of gel and leaves my legs feeling cool and sort of tingly, so that's why I prefer to use it at night rather than in the morning before I get dressed.  For night time, I'm using the Argan+ body sculpting serum* which contains Moroccan Argan oil.  This one is quite a light-weight creme which goes on really quickly and easily, so perfect for the mornings.  Both of these products are designed to target the fatty deposits that love to cling to our thighs to smooth things out.  I'm hoping that using both of these wonder products at once (one in the morning and one at night) is doubling my chances of seeing some reduced wiggliness poolside.

So having attacked the wobble with the science bit, next it's time for a trick of the eye with some tanning.  Everyone looks better with a tan, and a little bit slimmer too and I know I'm going to be the most self-concious on day 1 and then I'll relax once I'm a little bit bronze.  To help this process along I'm using Etat Pur peptide-6 pro-menalin* which is preparing my skin for sun exposure and should hopefully help me to pick up a tan faster.  The instructions say to start using this 3 days before you go in the sun and then to continue to use it daily alongside sunbathing.  All well and good, but for day 1 itself, I'm still going to be a pasty Patsy, so I'm bringing out the big guns - a liberal coating of San Tropez bronzing mousse.  By the time this wears off, the natural tan should have kicked in.

Finally, my biggest cheat of them all is one that I'll be applying right before I step out with the flesh on show.  It's the Sarah McNamara Miracle Skin transformer*.  I've not used this yet as I don't want to waste any but I get the idea that it's like a light reflecting concealer for the body - it says it makes skin look smoother, firmer and flawless - yes please!  It's also spf 20, so there's actually a viable reason for slapping this on before I go out in the sun too.

So thee you have it, my ridiculous ritual for getting my most hated body part out in front of a crowd of people who will most probably (hopefully) be so worried about what they look like in their skimpies that they won't even notice my wiggly bits wobbling around.  #girlproblems

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