4 Sept 2012

Holiday prepping: sun care selection

I'm currently away right now, so this is a scheduled post about the sun care I chose to take away with me to Vegas where the temperature is likely to be around 35 degrees or more!

I've got quite the selection here - much more than I'll need for my eleven days in the sun I know, but I'm sharing these with my boyfriend too.  First up on the left is the Hawaiian Tropic silk hydration SPF 15.  There's no point me trying to make up a solid reason for buying this - I liked it because it's pretty and swirly.  It also smells really lovely, and 15 is sort of my comfort factor - it's the one I reach for most.

Next is the Etat Pur facial sun cream in SPF 15* - I don't skimp when it comes to protecting my face.  All of the skin care I'll be using on my face on holiday already has SPF in it, plus having a standalone facial sun cream helps me to remember to keep reapplying it.  I know I probably caused a fair amount of sun damage on my face when I was younger and thought wrinkles were something only your Mum got.  I do regret that now so try to make up for it.

Solait moisturising sun spray mist* is my current favourite sun lotion.  It's the one I've been using on the rare sunbathing opportunities I've had at home.  It's a really fine mist so really really easy to apply without using too much and looking ghostly and it feels really fresh when you spray it on.  I'm actually taking two cans of this away with me.

Nivea Sun SPF 20 is definitely one the boyf will share with me.  We always buy a bottle of the spray Nivea sun cream every year as it always seems to be on offer and I guess for us it's just become one of those household brands we trust.  I know it's going to be hot and I might need something stronger than my SPF 15, so this will be on hand.  Again, I like that this one is a spray version, it just seems simpler and quicker to apply than the lotions and creams.

Finally, my top shelf SPF 30 is the Soltan protect & tan*.  I'm always a bit wary of very high factors, and I like to tan and I do tan fairly easily without burning, so I don't want to be over the top with my sun protection.  But, I am going to a desert and it's going to be very hot, so chances are this will get used a fair bit.  I'll also be drawn to this one as it contains ingredients to promote and speed up tanning too.

For after sun we're taking Etat Pur after sun soothing gel*.  As I said I don't really burn, but I still like to apply after sun to put some much needed moisture back into my skin after a day of draining it of every last drop.  The boyfriend does burn quite easily, so he'll probably be using more of this than me.  We're also rather partial to the Banana Boat aloe gel (bright green jelly stuff) which I haven't photographed, but we'll also be taking it along as we have about two thirds of a bottle left from last year.

If it rains and I come back paler than I went this post won't have been very worthwhile... not much chance of that happening though I hope!  I'm sure I'll think of a tenuous reason to be showing off my tan in a post pretty soon after I get back :)
*PR samples


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