14 Sept 2012

Prada Candy perfume review by Beauty Becca

Hi there! I'm Becca from Beauty Becca, a UK Fashion and Beauty blog - how about that for a little cheeky self-advertising ;). I'm feeling quite honoured to be guesting posting for Gemma, as Flutter and Sparkle has been one of my favourite blogs for some time now. I've decided to write a little perfume review for you guys, as I've been going through a perfume phase recently, and everyone loves smelling gorgeous right?

My other half bought me this for our two year anniversary, as I'd been eyeing it up since December last year but the price tag is too large for this student. You should had seen my little face when I ripped the wrapping paper off! Prada Candy is one of those perfumes, you either love it, or hate it. It's a VERY sweet scent, extremely girly for girls that love sweet and floral scents, although I do also love a good citrus scent, I prefer sweeter scents. If you do read my blog, you'll know that I'm absolutely rubbish at describing scents, so this is Prada's description: 'The new facet of Prada femininity: an excessive fragrance with too much of everything. The new 'Prada style oriental' Eau de Parfum combines an overdose of Laotian Benzoin, a cocktail of musk and an explosion of Caramel, a truly unique scent' (quote from here). I do agree, this is a totally unique scent, I have nothing to compare it too!

Prada Candy

Prada Candy, Prada Candy

Prada Candy

The bottle isn't really anything special to be honest, it's simple, pink and effective, but nothing to shout about either. It does also come with a little plastic stopper to put around the neck while you carry it in your handbag to stop it spraying everywhere. The most annoying thing in the world is when you buy an expensive perfume, and it doesn't last an hour on the skin, I experienced this with Chanel, and was utterly disappointed. But not with Prada, this scent lasts all day keeping you sweet for a good length of time. 

Overall: This perfume really did live up to all expectations. I use it when I'm going out somewhere nice, it's such a treat to wear. It is expensive, but it's worth it, I'd recommend this over Chanel No5 right now. Prada Candy costs £40.00 to £71.00 from Boots, House of Fraser, Debenhams, etc. 

What's your favourite perfume? Have you tried Prada Candy?

Love Becca xx 

Thank you so much for your post Becca - I love the little bunny background in all of your posts!  Prada Candy sounds like a lovely scent - I'm sure to be having a whiff of that one in Duty Free, along with Marc Jacobs Dot which I have my eye on.  Becca's blog is Beauty Becca - go have a peek and give her a follow :)


  1. This perfume smells so good! I have no idea why i haven't bought it yet! great post!! x

  2. I got a sample of this perfume in my Glossybox this month and I love it.

  3. I have the largest version of this and I love it! Such a nice winter scent. I find it too heavy to wear during summer. xo


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