31 Oct 2012

Jewellery obsessions (mostly in rose gold)

I've realised that when it comes to jewellery, I'm totally disloyal to the pieces I own.  As soon as something new comes into my collection, older pieces are long forgotten.  That's the great thing about costume jewellery I suppose, you can afford to change it as often as you like.

Another thing I've noticed is that I've not worn any rings in ages - I think I've just gone off of all of the ones I own.  Also, I'm only wearing gold coloured things lately, rose gold especially.  That's largely down to my MK watch - my prized possession.   I can't see me getting tired of that any time soon :)

Scalloped rose gold collar necklace | £6 | asos

Puppy ear / angel wing gold and crystal earrings  | £5 | asos

Large jewel statement necklace | £6 | Primark

Black and gold two-tone long chain necklace | $8 | Forever21 (not online similar here)

Princess carriage pendant necklace | £10 | Peaches Boutique (sold out, similar here and here)

Peter pan collar necklace | £6 | Primark 

Gold heart chain necklace | £5.65 | forever21

Michael Kors rose gold stone set watch | £279 | Ernest Jones

Rose stone heart shaped stud earrings | £2.40 | forever21

Rose gold double spike bracelet | £6 | asos

Rose gold torque collar necklace | £7 | H&M (not online)

Do you have any of these?  What's your favourite piece of jewellery right now?

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30 Oct 2012

Halloween nail fail with Barry M web effects polish

I think I've had a slight fail with this Halloween nails.  I had visions of the Barry M crackle polish creating a vibrant orange spider's web over a coat of black, but the result is a a bit disappointing really.

Web effect nail polish | £3.99 | Barry M

The orange looks so bright in the bottle, but over black it loses its vibrancy and looks a little bit dingy and dull.  The spider web pattern drawn on the bottle cap is a little misleading which has also fueled my disappointment.  There was no way it was going to crackle into a perfect web pattern I know, it does look slightly web-ish at the base of my nail.  Maybe this would show up better over white?

Ah well, you have to try these things to see what they're like.  Luckily my other Barry M purchase of a couple of their gelly polishes has been much more impressive, and I'll blog those soon.

Have you had more success with your Halloween nails?  I'd love you to link me to your posts.

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29 Oct 2012

Halloween Lush: The enchanter bath bomb ballistic review

I mentioned in my Lush haul post that there wasn't much out at Lush for Halloween, so I picked up the only bath bomb offering which was this - The Enchanter.  I nearly missed it as it doesn't look very spooky or Halloween themed but one of the sales assistants recommended it to me and explained that it was much more exciting on the inside than it looks on the outside.  Here's what happened when I dropped it into my bath....

The enchanter | £3.20 | Lush

So pretty.  I took about 100 photos as it zoomed around the bath doing its thing and revealing the hidden pink core beneath the yellow shell.  It made a really interesting marble pattern on the top of the water which I was really rather impressed by, so I'm glad I tried this one even though it looked a bit dull to begin with.  

This was a lovely smelling bath bomb - I couldn't really put my finger on what the scent was - it smelt sort of citrusy but there was something more I couldn't work out.  Checking on the Lush site it tells me that it's actually lime with neroli and frankincense - wasn't expecting that last one!

It's lucky that this bath bomb was so pretty in the water, because it made a serious mess of my bath and if it had been any less impressive I might never have forgiven it for the grainy pink tide mark which didn't want to budge from my white bath.  Mildly annoying, but I still liked it.

Next I'll be trying some of the Christmassy Lush I bought :)

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28 Oct 2012

Little updates

It's been a while since my last little updates - mainly because I bought a new phone and in the process I had to use an older phone for a bit which, shock horror, couldn't have instagram.  I literally had to call my friends and ask them to describe their nails and what they were having for lunch :) But thankfully I have my new phone now, and here's what we've been snapping -

New phone = new cover #hellokitty  by fluttersparkle New handbag number 1 #topshop by fluttersparkle
New handbag number 2 #matalan by fluttersparkle This is happening today by fluttersparkle

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3 - new bag number 2 (link) | 4 - the naughtiest treat you can make at home

Halloween peeps! by fluttersparkle Spooky sweeties by fluttersparkle
Some baking be going down today by fluttersparkle Feast! by fluttersparkle

1 - Halloween peeps | 2 - more spooky treats
3 - Baking supplies from TK Maxx | 4 - noodle bar dinner with the boyf

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Guess where I\'ve been shopping! by fluttersparkle Half salty, half sweet. Nom. by fluttersparkle

1 - my very messing dressing room | 2 - too many studs
3 - Lush bubble beard | 4 - Popcorn while watching Taken 2

New @nailsinc graffiti polish in Camden Lock by fluttersparkle  New graffiti polish from @nailsinc in Hoxton Street by fluttersparkle
Serious blinging nails in progress with @nailsinc by fluttersparkle Late night polish sesh. I\'m never one to resist a challenge @jaynejread! #TedsSweetTreat by fluttersparkle

1 & 2 - Nails Inc graffiti polishes (link)
3 - playing with Nails Inc bling it on rocks (link) 4 - New sparkles from Ted Baker (link)

Tragedy! by fluttersparkle Been wearing my trashy bling Pri necklace with EVERYTHING! by fluttersparkle
Ready to face the chilly outdoors by fluttersparkle It\'s properly Autumn now, leaves everywhere! by fluttersparkle

1 - seeing Steps launch their new perfume | 2 - blinging Primark necklace
3 - keeping warm in a massive snood | 4 - Autumn leaves everywhere

Nutella cheesecake in progress! by fluttersparkle Afternoon tea with the girlies - we\'re so full of cake! by fluttersparkle
Using my new Tarte blissful blush today - love it by fluttersparkle I love these colours by fluttersparkle

1 - delicious Nutella cheesecake | 2 - afternoon tea (link)
3 - Tarte blissful blush | 4 - pretty flowers

Today I\'m wearing @barrymcosmetics gelly polishes in pomegranate and prickly pear  by fluttersparkle There we go, a bit of holo fixes any bad mood by fluttersparkle
Totes in love with my nails today by fluttersparkle Trying out some @ElegantTouchUK gel nails - wish my own nails grew like this! by fluttersparkle

1 - playing with Barry M gelly polishes | 2 - finally got Gosh holo
3 - my favourite new glitter (link) | 4 - elegant touch gel nails

If you want to follow me on instagram my username on there is fluttersparkle - leave me a comment on one of my photos so that I can follow you back.

I hope you're having a good weekend and have some exciting Halloween plans.  I should have a couple of Halloween posts coming up for you and then after than it's free reign for Christmas posts! =)

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27 Oct 2012

What's in my basket: Dorothy Perkins office work wear haul

This ended up very much being a work-wear haul.  I don't know what it is when the seasons change, but I suddenly feel I have nothing to wear to work and can't remember what I was wearing the year before.

I know I've bought the same dress in three colours - I can't help it.  When I find something that seems the perfect shape for me, I tend to go a bit overboard.  Ideally I'd rather the sleeves were a bit longer, but I'll wear these with little blazers anyway, so it doesn't matter.

The cardigan is literally huge and the arms are like wings, but it's super snuggly and just I wanted for throwing over things when it's cold at home.  I'm not sure about the coat - I loved the contrast sleeves and I think that caused me to ignore the unflattering shape.  I should probably return this and look for a more fitted waist type coat.

We're not allowed to wear leggings in my office, so I go for a similar look with skinny trousers and this pair looked pretty good.  I didn't really need a new top but I can't resist a peplum and I'm loving berry colours right now.

I get a lot of my work-wear from Dorothy Perkins, but I've also spotted some lovely sparkly dresses like this one which might be infiltrating my basket next time I have a little haul.

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26 Oct 2012

NOTD: Orly glam fx watch it glitter - rose gold / copper glitter mani

You may have spotted this polish in my USA haul post - it has to be the most exciting one I got.  It's from the Orly Glam FX collection and it's called 'watch it glitter'.  It's a beautiful rose gold or copper coloured mix of round and hexagonal glitter in a clear base and I thought it would look great against a nice plain and chic base colour.

Orly watch it glitter | £7.50 | Beautybay.com

I really like the way this mani turned out.  I've tried glitter tips before but only with fine glitters - this one looks much neater with the chunkier glitter and I decided to do alternate tips and nail bases.  The base colour I used is one of my all time favourite polishes - Porchester Square by Nails Inc.

Isn't 'watch it glitter' a beaut? 

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25 Oct 2012

Eary Christmas and Halloween Lush haul

It's been a while since I've been lured into Lush by that unmistakable fragrance that snakes its way around the top floor of my local shopping center.  I've been deliberately staying away, knowing that better things were to come when the new Halloween and Christmas ranges arrived, and it was worth the wait.  Here's what I picked up.

The pink and blue cone shaped bomb is the party popper - it apparently has popping candy inside as well as party poppers.  I'm looking forward to trying this one, although it sounds as though I may need to have a shower after bathing with this!  

To the right the yellow ball shaped bomb - the enchanter - is Lush's only Halloween bath bomb offering this year.  I thought I'd seen some pumpkin shaped bubble bars advertised, but after chatting to the shop assistant we came to the conclusion I must have dreamt it!  The enchanter doesn't look all that exciting but I was assured that its appearance is deceptive and that inside there are lots of different coloured layers.  
I had to pick up a bar of fun.  I can't say I'm going to make little pink shapes with my kids like most other bloggers who've posted about this.  I don't have kids, this is totally just for me to play with and yes I'm going to make little snail and daisy shapes with it when I'm in the bath.  

I bought the moustache shaped bubble bar purely so that I could do this.  I will also use it in the bath by swishing it around in the water to make lots of bubbles.  This is just like the snow fairy magic wand bubble bar.  I didn't buy one of those purely because I'm still hoarding a few from last Christmas, ooops.  
Finally I picked up candy cane bubble bar.  I buy this every year, but it's usually pink and white - this time it's  pink and green.  I'll be interested to see what colour the bubbles turn out to be with this one.
There are lots of other Lush Christmas bits I want to try including Father Christmas, cracker snap (there's supposed to be a croccodile inside!), and Santa's sack but it seemed a bit early to get any of those, so I'm adding them to my Christmas list instead.

So now I just need to choose what to use in my bath first.  What have you tried from Lush lately?  Any of these?  
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