15 Oct 2012

Bath and Body Works / Slatkin & Co Autumn candle haul

One of the next most exciting things I hauled when I was in the US (after makeup and nail polish of course - see that haul post here) was Bath and Body Works Candles.  I'm a bit of a candle obsessive having a ridiculous Yankee candle collection (I must show you that some time) and I've just got into Neom, but I've admired Bath and Body Works / Slatkin & Co candles from a far for too long now, so I took the opportunity to get acquainted.

Bath and Body Works | mini $3.50 | medium $9.50 | large $19.50
Farmstand Apple | Apple Crumble | Pumpkin Cupcake | Salted Caramel

As you can see I got a nice little selection of sizes - the small is 1.3oz, the medium are 4oz and the large three wick candles are 14.5oz.  The thing that really attracts me to these candles is the really unusual scents - they're just so American and delicious. And they smell so so strong and really true to their names. 

Suitcase weight held me back from purchasing the whole shop, and while it would have been fun to buy 20 mini candles in every fragrance, they're not as fun to burn as a big jar candle, so I got a variety of sizes.  I actually only got the mini Farmstand Apple because I was buying some minis for gifts and it came free within an offer.  At the time I wasn't planning to get the two large candles because they're really heavy, but as my brother was going out to America the day after I got back I asked him to get them for me.  The deals at Bath & Body Works change all the time too, so while I was there the minis and mediums were on offer and when he was there the large three wick jars were on offer, so that worked out perfectly.  

Now I feel sort of harsh blogging about something we blatantly can't get here in the UK, so here are a couple of ebay sellers you can use (the cheapest I can find with good scents) - 1 | 2 | 3 - these are all for mini candles - the shipping just becomes silly on the bigger ones.  Most of the sellers seem to combine postage so it works out cheaper the more candles you order.  

Or, these are definitely something to add to a wishlist for whenever you or someone you know is visiting the USA.  My brother's going back in December, so I think I'll be getting my hands on some Christmas scents :) 

Have you found candles as nice as these available in the UK?  If so link me up!


  1. I'm very tempted to order these, as I have heard so much about them :).

  2. I love Bath & Bodyworks stuff!

  3. I LOVE bath & body works! they honestly have the best smelling candles out there! better than yankee candle in my opinion! i have Autum Day in my bedroom and its AMAZING!!

  4. why are these candles making me hungry? -____-

    I found your blog on FBL bloggers, so I'm following you now. I hope you follow back as well. ;)


  5. These look so amazing! Need someone I know to go to America now... xx

  6. I love the look of the salted caramel one, bet its smells delicious:)!


  7. I seriously regret not getting any when I went to new york!! .. is pumpkin cupcake as amazing as they say it is?? im tempted to get a mini one on ebay :) xx

    1. It's very spicy sweet and super strong - I love it xx

  8. Mmm, love a pumpkin candle xx

  9. Hi everyone I just wanted to but the word out about a small candle company that is realy something. I bought this wonderfull candle from Thelazycandlecompany@Etsy.com I got my package a candle that look like a pie it's called Grandma's hot apple pie and it smells wonderful .I put this candle in my livingroom and it make this room smell sooo good that I just need to put the word out about it..


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