31 Oct 2012

Jewellery obsessions (mostly in rose gold)

I've realised that when it comes to jewellery, I'm totally disloyal to the pieces I own.  As soon as something new comes into my collection, older pieces are long forgotten.  That's the great thing about costume jewellery I suppose, you can afford to change it as often as you like.

Another thing I've noticed is that I've not worn any rings in ages - I think I've just gone off of all of the ones I own.  Also, I'm only wearing gold coloured things lately, rose gold especially.  That's largely down to my MK watch - my prized possession.   I can't see me getting tired of that any time soon :)

Scalloped rose gold collar necklace | £6 | asos

Puppy ear / angel wing gold and crystal earrings  | £5 | asos

Large jewel statement necklace | £6 | Primark

Black and gold two-tone long chain necklace | $8 | Forever21 (not online similar here)

Princess carriage pendant necklace | £10 | Peaches Boutique (sold out, similar here and here)

Peter pan collar necklace | £6 | Primark 

Gold heart chain necklace | £5.65 | forever21

Michael Kors rose gold stone set watch | £279 | Ernest Jones

Rose stone heart shaped stud earrings | £2.40 | forever21

Rose gold double spike bracelet | £6 | asos

Rose gold torque collar necklace | £7 | H&M (not online)

Do you have any of these?  What's your favourite piece of jewellery right now?

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  1. i love forever 21 jewelery so cheap but amazing. the statement necklace from primark is gorgeous xx

  2. Ah love all your rose gold bling!! id have to say my faviourite piece of jewellery at the moment is my Michael Kors watch and my gold juicy couture bangle xx

  3. I love that last necklace so much! x


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