19 Oct 2012

Raiding the pick 'n' mix at Cybercandy Covent Garden

A week or two ago I was about as excited as a kid in a candy shop to be invited to have my run of, well, a candy shop - Cybercandy in Covent Garden to be precise.  I was greeted warmly by the lady at the counter who knew I was coming and didn't treat me like an oddball (thank you!) as I snapped close-ups of the colourful array of international goodness.  

If you don't know, Cybercandy is a sweet shop of Willy Wonka proportions - they source the weirdest and most wonderful candies from around the world and cram them into their store in Covent Garden making it an absolute Alladin's cave of curiosities for sweet-toothed shoppers.

The first floor - as you walk in you're greeted by a mahoosive gumball machine - your eyes don't know where to take you next as they're lured in all directions by shelf after shelf of brightly coloured tempting awesomeness.  You just have to follow your inner mr greedy and head for what you most fancy scoffing first.  I was most taken by the insane selection of pop-tarts and the neon wonka sour sweeties.  

If you're well traveled, some of the offerings at Cybercandy won't be new to you, instead it's like a little home-away-from-home or a way of re-living your favourite holidays by picking up something you can usually only get on the other side of the world.  I like to think of myself as a bit of a seen-it-all-before, finger on the pulse type, but I still came across some new finds - fish head lollipop anyone?  Lucy charms lip balm?  Ahhhmazing!

Down in the basement my challenge awaited - a double-sided carousel of the most unusual pick 'n' mix I'd ever seen.  We're not in woolworths anymore Toto.  I was encouraged to choose the large chinese takeout style container by a lovely Cybercandy employee who chatted away to me about her favourite sweets and the wonders of working in a candy shop (she didn't want to be photographed, understandably).  I happily grabbed a scoop and got acquainted with my sugar high selecting candies from Europe, America, Australia - everywhere but England.  

And here you have my haul, my booty, my treat bucket. Yes those are chicken's feet you see up top - surprisingly they don't taste like chicken at all.  My favourite thing had to be the little lego shaped sweeties which you can actually fit together like proper lego - how cool?!  Sour patch kids (bottom right) are also now a firm favourite with me and the boyf loved the cola, strawberry and chocolate Ferraris (top left) I picked out for him.

Whilst Cybercandy very kindly covered the cost of my pick 'n' mix pillage, I couldn't resit buying a few things on my way out too.  Sweet Tarts or Sweetarts are my new favourite thing which I discovered on holiday this year - they're a cross between love hearts and refreshers that we get in the UK but much nicer - so I picked up a tube of those along with the much loved pretzel flipz.  I spotted some Nerds in flavours I've never seen in the USA (turns out this was because these ones were from Australia!) so I needed to have some of those in pink and orange.  And, I also thought it was about time I tried some Kool-Aid and Whoppers.  I've always fancied trying Kool-Aid when I've seen it in Walmart but I didn't want to buy a great big multi-pack - Cybercandy were selling the little sachets singularly so orangey goodness shall now be mine.  Whoppers seem to be the US equivalent of Maltesers, and they come in different flavours - I went for Strawberry and they're lovely, although much crunchier than the Maltesers we get here.  

So there you go, I took a trip to the candy shop, I showed you what I got, I let you lick the lollipop.... hands up if you know whose song I'm ruining there!  

If you're near a Cybercandy (they have four stores in London and also one in Brighton and Birmingham) I suggest you pop in and have a good old nosey - you never know what you'll find - they have some things in store that aren't even online.  I'd not been to cybercandy for a couple of years and was surprised at how much more stock there is now and the shop seemed to have doubled in size from what I remembered.  I visited Cybercandy on Garrick Street in Covent Garden and you can check them out on facebook here.

What's your favourite candy from far away?

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  1. Wow that place looks amazing! I'll be trying it out next time I'm in London xx

  2. Need to go here! I love American sweets and treats especially. It's just a shame about the high costs of things.

    Charlotte xo

    1. They sell a lot of things in smaller packs now so it doesn't seem so pricey and you can try lots of stuff :)

  3. Luckily I live in Brighton so I have a local! But I haven't been there in a good couple of years! May have to take a trip there soon! Great post!

    Adele xx


  4. Cyber Candy is one of my favourite shops, always pay them a visit whenever i'm in London.
    The pick'n'mix looks GREAT!

  5. OH M GEE this is my idea of heaven haha. i am such a pick and mix nerd i love it lol. wish i lived in london. xxx

  6. Ohhhh wow!! This looks amazing! I am a massive pic n mix addict!!


  7. Oh wow. I'm heading to London soon...and I've just added this to my must-do list!!

  8. One of my favourite shops in London, always such fun. I love the drinks selection, we always pick up a can of Mountain Dew.

    1. I don't think I like Mountain Dew, but I've only tried the one they now sell over here - I heard the USA one is completely different and much nicer, I'll have to try it :)

  9. me and my boyfriend went their before and we almost spent £40 0n sweets!x


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