22 Oct 2012

Sienna X illuminating cream to powder duo swatches

I love a bit of bronzing and have been known to go a little overboard.  I'm a newer convert to hi-lighting and illuminating and still getting the hang of it, so I was really interested in trying out the Sienna X illuminating cream to powder duo.  It includes a cream bronzer, so it's naturally going to be a sheer and buildable product - great for combating my occasional heavy-handedness - and a cream illuminator which is so easy to use even for the high-lighting inept like me, as you can just apply it with fingers.

*Illuminating cream to powder duo | £25 | Sienna X

I love the packaging of the compact - oooh shiny.  It comes with a really nice big mirror which swivels, so perfect for keeping in my handbag for any make-up touch ups.  

I wanted to show to you a picture of me wearing the duo, but lighting is so difficult in the Autumn.  When I apply this in the morning and try taking a photo in front of the window before I leave for work it's not light enough outside, so the colours don't really show up.  But, I have done some swatches instead (poor daylight top, flash bottom), which probably give you a better idea of the colours and the way you can build them as obviously I wouldn't be rocking the bronzer that heavily on my face - honest!

I really like this duo because it's so easy to use.  You can use fingers or a brush or a bit of both.  I tend to apply the bronzer with fingers and then blend with a fluffy brush.  With the illuminator I've mainly used a small brush to high-light the c shape around the eye and down the bridge of my nose and it gives a barely there but just enough glow if applied lightly.  

I'm glad I got to try this as I've heard lots of good things about Sienna X but have never tried anything before despite being offered a spray tan from them a few times - I have a bit of a spray tan phobia!

This duo costs £25 and you can get it from www.sienna-x.co.uk.  

Have you tried Sienna X before?
*PR sample

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  1. I love the packaging haha, I'd be concinced to buy it purely for that! x

  2. the packaging is lovely! looks like great product! never heard of it though so will look into it! :D
    hareem xx


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