8 Nov 2012

Bouncy, happy hair with Ojon volume advance and Clynol Wonder 10 - review

You'll have heard me moaning before that my hair is pretty flat and lacks volume, so I' always keen to try out new styling products that might give it a bit of oomph whilst also making my long hair easier to manage.  I've been trying out two new products on my hair lately - the Ojon Volume Advance to inject some much needed life and bounce into my hair and the Clynol Wonder 10 which is a blowdry spray with lots of added benefits.

*Ojon volume advance | £22 | Ojon | John Lewis

I've never put a mousse on my hair except for when I'm curling it - I've not tried it to get volume at the roots before, which is the idea with this product.  I've been working an egg sized pump or two of the mouse through my roots and combing it through before blow drying to try to get my hair to stop being so flat at the roots.  It's pretty hard to achieve on my hair as it's long as well as pretty heavy.  

The first time I tried this mousse nothing really happened and I was feeling rather deflated.  Then I realised I'd made a rather daft mistake - I'd worked the mousse into my roots and then gone and blow dried it all flat with a paddle brush - what exactly was I expecting to achieve with that?!  On the next attempt I lifted my hair at the roots and concentrated the heat from the hairdryer there for a bit and I also got a round brush involved and it really made a difference.  I think sometimes I expect miracles from my products and forget that I need to try to work with them.  

In the photos above my hair might not look all that volumized to you, but for my flat hair, this is very bouncy.  I hate the plastered to my head look I can sometimes get having such straight hair and using this mousse makes a big difference.  Now I just need to get those dry ends snipped - I had a bad bob cut two years ago and I've been gowing my long hair back ever since.  

I've noticed that Ojon have another product in their volume range which is a volumising styling spray - it says it's an extra-firm hold spray which is extremely fattening.  As my hair is probably the only part of me I'd want to fatten up, I like the sound of this!  I think the spray would probably compliment the mousse to give that extra boost and keep it that way all day.

*Clynol Wonder 10 treatment spray | £9.95 | feelunique | beautybay

The Clynol Wonder 10 has been my blowdry spray of choice for the past couple of weeks.  It's designed to deliver 10 hair benefits including nourishing the hair, making it shinier and smoother, restoring moisture and protecting colour.  It's a pink and clear blend which you shake before you spray to mix all of the ingredients.

I've been spraying this onto my hair when it's wet to help detangle and protect whilst using heat styling products.  It does a good job of making wet hair easier to manage and faster to blow dry.  The longer my hair gets the more of a hassle and a chore drying becomes, so anything that makes a little bit of a difference means a lot to me.  

I think it'll take a bit more prolonged use before I'll notice any repair benefits in my poor damaged hair, but the spray certainly makes my hair look shinier and a little bit sleeker too.  

Are you blessed with naturally bouncy hair?  If not, which products do you use to fake it?

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  1. Your hair looks really nice in the photos. I've only just discovered Ojon products and like the results the shampoo and conditioner give - wasn't keen on my treatment oil but need to give it a second go xxx

    1. Thank you! I've not tried any of Ojon's shampoos or conditioners yet - I have my eye on trying the dry shampoo next xx


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