18 Nov 2012

It's beginning to smell a lot like Christmas! Festive yankee candles and tarts

Much as I love a luxury organic candle like a Neom in a beautiful natural scent, I'm also a huge sucker for anything Christmas scented, and Yankee do the most fabulous themed candles.  I've been buying yankee candles for a few years now and always like to check out what's new.

I've had my eye on buying the new Snow in Love and Cranberry ice large jar candles, so it was a good excuse to haul a few (er, ten) wax tarts so that I could try these fragrances before I commit to the large sizes.

I bought ten Yankee wax tarts for less than £10 including postage from this ebay seller.  I picked up the newer scents I wanted to try and then threw in a mix of other Christmassy scents for good measure.  I do have some of these in full size candles already, like the sparkly snow and Christmas cupcake, but I like melting the wax tarts as you get a really strong hit of the fragrance, so I picked these up too.

If you've not tried a wax tart before, I'll explain what they are.  They're like frangranced candle wax without a wick - you melt them in a tart warmer with a tea light inside and as they melt they turn into an oily liquid and release all of the lovely fragrance.  Tart warmers are similar to oil burners and you can buy them really cheaply in lots of places - one of mine is from Asda!

10 yankee wax tarts | £9.90 | ebay

I also thought I'd show you my Christmas Memories sampler collection.  I bought this last year and it didn't arrive in time for Christmas, so I decided to save them for this year.  I thought I'd mention it as it's still being sold this year too.  I saw it in Clinton Cards the other day and you can buy it online from ebay and amazon for about £20.  It would make a lovely Christmas gift, but I'm keeping these all for me :)

Christmas memories sampler collection | £19.95 | amazon

I urge you to go out and sniff the Cherries on snow candles because they just smell amazing.  I don't usually like cherry things, but I think it's my favourite of all the tarts I bought.  

What are your favourite candles for getting Christmassy?

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  1. The tarts are so cute! I always stock up on Yankee at this time of year :D Winter Wonderland smells like heaven!! xxx

    1. I've been on a tart burning frenzy! If you like WW you'll like Snow in Love xx

  2. Replies
    1. Me too, they make everything cosy and Christmassy :)

  3. Wow, you weren't shy buying those, were you, haha. I keep meaning to pick a few of these up myself to get my house smelling all Christmassy! Christmas Cookie sounds like a treat :)
    Mel xx


  4. Tarts are beautiful and I love them. I'd love to try the cranberry ice soon.



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