3 Dec 2012

Christmas gift guide 2012: Jimmi Jamms pyjamas

There's nothing I look forward to more on a weekday night in winter than getting home from work and changing into my PJs.  I become a total hermit and just like to stay indoors wrapped up in my pyjamas and a blanket!  I've had a great excuse to be putting my pjs on before 7pm lately, as I've been trying out a fab new set which was sent to me by Jimmi Jamms.  

*Henley 1st VIII in Island green | £30 | Jimmi Jamms

These are such lovely quality pyjamas and they feel soft and cosy to wear.  I love the cute little bunny print on them, it's so sweet.  The pair that I have in this bright grass green and white also comes in bright blue and white too.

*Hot milk in mint | £28 | Jimmi Jamms

I already own some other Jimmi Jamms pyjamas so I thought I'd show you those too.  These ones are opposites with the bunnies on the bottoms and they're a paler more mint sort of green.  They also have the bunny on the arm of the top to tie it all in.  I've had these since the summer and they've last so well - I can certainly tell the difference between these any my Primark pj purchases!  

My new Island Green long sleeve Henley Jimmi Jamms came in this little bowling style bag.  My previous pair came in a box shaped like a milk carton (like this), and some of the other styles come in a popcorn tub!

I really like some of the other colours and style Jimmi Jamms have brought out for Christmas - you can see some of them below - they're not all long sleeves either, they have short-sleeved tops and hoodies too.  These pictures will also give you an idea of what the Jimmi Jamms look like on - I thought about taking photos of me wearing them, but then I decided posting photos of me in my pyjamas on the internet might be a bit weird!  
 You can get Jimmi Jamms directly from their website here or you can also get them at Boots as part of the 3 for 2 mix and match Christmas offers.  They start from £22 up to £30 for each set.  

Are you treating yourself to new PJs for Christmas eve?
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  1. i always buy new PJs for christmas, but this year my mum picked them up for me for can't wait for christmas eve now =)

    Gemma x

    1. Me too, it's a great Christmas tradition :)

  2. These are so cute! I love how they say 'Jimmi Jamms' on them :)



  3. Ahhh the one's with the little bunnies on are too cute! There's nothing better than cosy new pjs is there and I love the name :') Feel free to pop over to my blog and say hi if you get the chance, i'd love to hear from you :) x

  4. Ahh these look so lovely and the packaging is adorable too! Loveee! XO

    Please check out my blog if you get a chance, I've just started out and any comments or followers would mean the world to me <3


  5. Ha ha, my nickname as a child was Jim Jam, so these are sorta personalised for me already!



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