20 Dec 2012

Christmas gift guide 2012: Nip + Fab gift sets

In the last of my Christmas gift related posts (probably..) are a couple of gift sets that I'm both giving and receiving this year.  The Nip + Fab Dry Hand Fix Kit (I was kindly sent one to play with and then rushed out to buy one for my Mum too) and the 10 years younger in a box, which I'm buying for my Mum and am expecting in my stocking too.

Nip + Fab 10 years younger in a box | £19.99 | Boots

I've been meaning to try Nip + Fab frown fix for a while as frown lines are my biggest bugbear when it comes to my face.  This kit includes Frown Fix for plumping those pesky lines as well as Night Fix (an overnight gel to rejuvenate the skin) and Dark Circle Fix (which targets puffiness and tightens the eye area, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to give it a go.  I shall definitely be reporting back on how I get on with these, especially the Frown Fix.

My Mum totally won't be offended by this kind of gift for Christmas - I know some people might think it's impolite to give anti-wrinkle type products, but I know my Mum will love them.  She's obsessed with trying out new skincare - that must be where I get it from!

*Nip + Fab Dry Hand Fix Kit | £10  | Nip + Fab / Sainsbury's

My hands and cuticles get really dry in the cold weather, so Nip + Fab sent me their lovely Dry Hand Fix kit to sort me out and after trying it I popped into Sainsbury's to pick one up for my Mum as she gets really dry hands too.  

This kit includes a hand cream and a cuticle cream to slather your hands in before popping on the gloves and leaving on to allow it to all sink in and pamper your skin.  I tried this overnight and my hands felt incredibly soft and plumped up by the morning.  

The hand cream smells really lovely too -  thought it was a coconut sort of smell but it's actually pistachio and sweet almond.  The cuticle butter has cocoa butter in so it also smells good, and it has allantoin to intensively moisturise and to strengthen the nails too.  

Will you be giving or receiving any Nip + Fab this Christmas?
*PR sample
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  1. I really wanted to get my mum the ten years younger one for Christmas when i saw it on asos, such a nice little set!x

  2. I'm definitely going to get the dry hand kit! I suffer from dry hands too which is made even worse in the winter with central heating then freezing winds outside. So far, the only hand cream I have found to really get on with is Crabtree and Evelyn's range which I must say are amazing! But I am open to trying new products and I love that it comes with a cuticle cream (because cuticles dry out too!) and the gloves are a funky colour aswell ;-) thanks for the post, Nicole xx Beauty and the Girl Blog


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