14 Dec 2012

Christmas gift guide 2012: REN Moroccan Rose Experience gift set

A gift set that without a doubt I'm keeping all to myself this Christmas is this one from REN.  It's the Moroccan Rose Experience gift set.

*Moroccan Rose Experience gift set | £32 | REN

The packaging is not overtly Christmassy, it's just beautiful print in a lovely deep pink / purple shade, it's just my kind of thing and I'll definitely be keeping the box to store bits in.  I was going to describe the print as an ornate floral, but I read t it's actually an Arabesque pattern derived from Islamic art and calligraphy - fancy! 

Inside the contents are pure luxury - I love a bath oil and this one smells absolutely divine.  The bathing experience with this is made even more special because you have the matching body oil too.  I feel like that's the bath duo and then for when you're showering instead you have the shower gel and matching body cream to follow.  

I really like the way this gift set is presented - the products are laid out nicely and held in place so when someone opens the gift they can immediately see what's inside and can keep it exactly the way it came until they're ready to use it.  I much prefer this to the type of gift set where you literally have to rip open all the packaging to get to the contents and then it's sort of spoiled.  I think that might just be one of my odd foibles though! 

REN have some other gorgeous gift sets in this range, all with the same beautiful design - link.  The Neroli duo sounds rather lovely and would be next on my list.  

Have you tried any of REN's body products before?
*PR sample
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  1. REN is one of those skincare brands that I've heard so much about but not yet tried! I think this would be a great starter kit!



    1. This is lovely and I've tried some of their facial skincare and really liked it too xx


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