20 Dec 2012

Keeping healthy at Christmas time with the Bupa advent calendar

At this time of year we're all focused on Christmas parties, buying presents and stuffing our faces with mince pies and Christmas pudding, so we probably don't really think about our health as much as we should.  Christmas time brings with it plenty of health pitfalls like all of the cold weather, germs flying around, lots of rushing around with too much to do, and a little bit too much festive fizz.  To help us out, Bupa have put together an advent calendar which can help you to *find healthy tips for every day throughout the month of December.  Take a look at the *Bupa advent calendar here and you can catch up on all of the tips for the month so far which include everything from advice on stopping smoking to cooking with less oil.  

The *health tips on sensible eating will certainly be something I'll keep in mind when faced with yet another Christmas buffet!  The advice on organising your time to avoid getting too stressed in the run up to the big day will really help me too as I always feel like I have so much to do and not enough time to get it all done.  I'll also be looking out for tips on keeping colds and other nasty bugs away - there's nothing worse than being ill on Christmas day and missing out on all the fun :(

Have a look at the *advent calendar and see which of the tips will help you this Christmas season.t: x; width: 0px;" /> 
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