2 Dec 2012

Little updates

Little updates is getting even more Christmassy now that we're into December and I'm finally starting to feel a bit more organised.  Less food in this one than usual, no idea how that happened!

Oooooh new sheets! by fluttersparkle Now that is what I call a haul! by fluttersparkle
Nom Christmas chocs from Boots - sadly they\'re not for me by fluttersparkleAnd a treat for moi - @enraptureuk jumbo waver. So excited to play with these by fluttersparkle

1 - I keep washing and drying this bedding and putting it straight back on because I love it so much
2 - this massive Boots order got my Christmas shopping off to a good start
3 - cute reindeer chocs
4 - I dabbled with the jumbo waver but it wasn't for me, I'll be sticking to the totem

Awww @zaravgreen these are so cute, thank you! xx by fluttersparkle I wore a lot of rosé gold bling today by fluttersparkle
It\'s beginning to smell a lot like Christmas! by fluttersparkle Afternoon tea time :) by fluttersparkle

1 - we've been having a really busy time at work so my friend left me little chocolate hello kitties to get me through it!
2 - my most worn bling
3 - yankee Christmas fragrance tarts
4 - afternoon tea with the girls on Park Lane

Diner feast with @jaynejread by fluttersparkle @nailsinc Hammersmith - gorgeous glitter by fluttersparkle
Obsessed with this deep red lip look lately - Kate Moss 107 by fluttersparkle Christmassy candles are burning - @fluffypinkystar I finally allowed Dan to light the stars you bought! by fluttersparkle

1 - my first adventure at The Diner was an amazing feast
2 - super glittery nails (Nails Inc Hammersmith)
3 - loving a dark red lip
3 - Christmassy candles

Attack of the angry birds on @russlwarner by fluttersparkle Oh wow, somebody buy me this pink champagne by fluttersparkle
Playing with my new toys from @CutECOsmeticsUK by fluttersparkle Giant red velvet cupcake is happening by fluttersparkle

1 - giant angry birds at Costco
2 - amazing pink champagne packaging
3 - loving my ncLA nail wraps
4 - monster red velvet cupcake

Nom by fluttersparkle Hmmm I wonder if the boyf can make my nail polish wall unit do this....! by fluttersparkle
I\'m such a sucker for pretty things by fluttersparkle Christmas Yankees! by fluttersparkle

1 - the hugest macarons
2 - light up nail wall of amazingness
3 - Wasting my money on pretty things as usual
4 - Adding to the Christmas Yankee collection

Dinner time with @clee245 by fluttersparkle Our Byron feast! by fluttersparkle
Dissection of the Percy pig calendar complete! The boy now has a calendar containing real Percy Pigs! by fluttersparkle His n hers advent calendars - how good is the Gruffalo one?! :) by fluttersparkle

1 & 2 - my first trip to Byron was burgertastic
3 - DIYing to get the advent calendar I wanted for the boyf
4 - mine's the Gruffalo!

So now I\'ve dyed it, washed it and styled it myself, I love my new do :) by fluttersparkle Toasty toes by fluttersparkle
There\'s been an accident :( oops! by fluttersparkle Lols at Michael McIntyre with @clee245 and @boshmeister by fluttersparkle

1 - the new do
2 - kitty socks
3 - my Avon gingerbread lady had an accident but was still tasty
4 - Michael McIntyre at Wembley

I hope you're all feeling prepared for Christmas.  I have most of my presents sorted, but I don't have anything to wrap them in yet!  

I'll leave you with some shamazing blogs to follow, have a lovely week xx

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  1. This post made me feel even more festive! I'm so jealous of that Boots haul, amazing!


    1. Yay for festiveness! I'm jel of the Boots haul too, I wish it had been for me and not to give to other people! :)

  2. aww thanks for the link hun :) That percy pig advent calendar you made is so cool! Did it have choc in and your changed it to pigs? lol

    Your new hair looks lush!! xxx

    1. No worries my lovely :) Yes I took the chocolate out and put the jelly pigs in! Haribo and all the jelly sweets people need to make advent calendars! And thank you, I'm still getting used to it xx

  3. I want to go to Byron, I want those Yankee candles, I want your bedding, I want Percy Pigs... this post hasn't been great for my diet or my bank balance ;)

    e x

  4. :-D thank you so much for including me! I clicked on here to say a) i'm now SUPER EXCITED to go to the Diner on Thurs nigt, yum b) your DIY choc calendar is amazing, did you see the Where's Wally one? I spemt ages trying to find Wally, but then realised hes ovbs ehind the doors duh! And then i saw my blog and you made my day, very kind of you :-) xxx

    1. No problem my lovely, and lol about where's wally! xx

  5. Haribo definitely need to make an advent calendar! I would adore that. Love the dark lip shade you were wearing - gorgeous! xo

    1. Thanks hun - it's Rimmel's Kate Moss 107 xx

  6. That nail varnish is absolutely divine! What a lovely colour for Christmas!


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