5 Dec 2012

New beauty ranges at Marks and Spencer

Last night I went along to see some of M&S' newest beauty offerings so I thought I'd share a few snaps of what I saw and give you a bit more detail on the things that stood out to me.

Lots of amazing skincare 

Nuxe and Skyn

Cowley Manor body care and home fragrances (the 'Awaken' diffuser smelt gorgeous)

I got to have a lovely chat about skincare with the very youthful looking Malvina Fraser who has her own skincare line here.  Her skin looked amazing and I couldn't believe it when she told me how old she was, so I was hanging on her every word and squeezing her for lots of beauty tips!  She talked us through some of her favourite skin care products that M&S stock.  

Malvina recommended the Apivita radiance serum (£29.50) as a first step after cleansing in the morning to awaken the skin before moving on to moisturiser and other products.  This smelt so good - it was seriously citrussy and would guarantee to wake me up in the morning!  We also had a play with the Skyn pure cloud cream (£41) which is a light but intensive moisturiser.  Malvina explained how quickly this moisturiser sinks into the skin whilst really plumping it up.  It feels a bit unusual in the jar as it has a sort of springy texture, but this is just because it's so moisturising - you can also use this one at night.  

As I was in the company of a beauty expert I asked for some recommendation for fine lines - especially for around the eyes and the dreaded frown lines.  Malvina really recommend a band called Filgora which she said has been popular in France for about ten years.  She suggested their Optim-eyes serum (£38) for the eyes, and for the frown lines and face in general she raved about the Sleep & Peel treatment (£54) which exfoliates and rejuvenates the skin overnight.  

I've actually been testing some different products from Filgora for the past month or two, so I'll be doing a review on those soon.  

M&S also had some of their new make-up offerings on show, so I've picked out the bits that I thought were the most exciting.
I'm all over anything with owls on it, so just look at how adorable this Limited collection shadow palette is and it's only £7.50.  All of the pans are owl shaped and the outer packaging is lovely too with lots of cheeky little owls on it.  I was also instantly drawn to the Autograph crackers (£9.50 but currently 50% off at £4.75) - I love the idea of beauty Christmas crackers and it's great to see so many different brands bringing the out this year at all different price points.  The twinkle of this last product caught my eye among all the Christmas lights and glitter - it's an Autograph eyeshadow quad with Swarovski elements on the casing - this is £15 and would make for a rather swanky Christmas gift.  

Have you tried any of these brands at M&S?

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  1. Nuxe! Murad! Diego Dalla Palma! Oh I cannot wait for this :D Especially looking forward to Nixe being more readily available.

    Steph xx

  2. have never tried anything from M&S, but looks lovely.... the skin care is supposed to be good :)
    xxx Marina
    beautiful me plus you by Marina Bergmann

  3. It's great isn't it? They have some wonderful brands that I might not have come across otherwise xx


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