7 Dec 2012

November beauty boxes compared: Glossybox v Joliebox

Now I'm aware it's December already, but I was sent two beauty boxes in November and I'm just about catching up with myself between Christmas shopping to be able to tell you about them.  I was sent a *Glossybox and *Joliebox, so I thought I'd compare the against each other to see which one had the best goodies inside.

First up is Glossybox's offering - this is the stocking fillers box

The contents of this box feels pretty substantial - it's purely because a couple of them are quite large and take up space in the box.  It's just that greedy eye thing isn't it - you might have 5 fabulous products in a beauty box, but if they're small is just looks like there's not enough.  So on first impressions, this one looks good.  The second thing I notice is brands I recognise - Dermalogica, Burberry and Nails Inc.  Now I'm not saying I only want to receive brands I already know in my beauty box - I'm aware that would defeat one of the objectives of what they're all about - but that's just my natural reaction - I'm pleased to see some big names in the box.  

Taking a closer look at the products, I'm still impressed.  I've never heard of the brand Alison Claire Remarkable before but I love mango scents and I'll use a body butter in a nice mini size like this as a desk or handbag hand cream, so this is a winner.  Next is Dermalogica's daily microfoliant.  It's a brand I know and trust and a product I've been keen to try so I'm really pleased to see this in the box and can't wait to try it out.  It's a good size too, so I think it really adds to the 'worth' of the products in this box.  The Burberry Body perfume sample is no disappointment either - I don't like getting the teeny perfume vials in beauty boxes as they're the sort of thing you get free anywhere - this is a much more substantial perfume sample. The Wei Royal ming firming and hydrating cream is perhaps the least exciting product in the box, although I know that's only because I've not heard of the brand.  I'm still happy to have this in the box and will try it out. And finally a Nails Inc polish - how could I sniff at that?!  It's a mini size in the shade Notting Hill Gate.

That's possibly the best Glossybox I've seen in a long time.  Joliebox, you're up next, and you have a tough act to follow!

This was my first time receiving a Joliebox so I was intrigued to see how these would differ from the other beauty boxes I've tried.  The first obvious difference is the packaging - so many of the other beauty boxes have exactly the same packaging, so it's nice to get one that's different (and makes less of a mess as there's no shredding!).  The little drawstring bag adds to the excitement of opening the box and you don't immediately see what's in the box and you can play a little game of lucky dip.  Or, if you're not a loser like me, you might just empty out the bag and see what you have.  Also you get Joliemag, which is a nice little read.

The November box is themed 'beauty in the city' and the first thing I notice is a perfume sample - one of those freebie types I was just talking about.  And it's Yardley, a brand I associate with an older generation and a bygone era.  This one gets a thumbs down from me.  Next is two more very small samples - a sachet of Jane Iredale glow time BB cream and Vertumne a Venus Manucure Absolue Moisturising & Regenerating Hand Cream.  At first glance I would argue that these are also 'freebie' samples that you might find stuck inside the pages of a magazine, and that you can't get much of a feel for a product with such a small amount.  But, when looking at what they are, my opinion changes slightly - I really like BB creams so will be pleased to try another, and I'll never say no to a hand cream.  Both of these are the type of product which you do only need to use once to form a view, so the size isn't actually an issue.  But, if I had paid for this box, I think I would feel a bit cheated to have three samples of this size and value in the box.  Onto the larger items there's the Dead Sea Spa Magik facial wash.  This is quite a nice thing to have in the box and one that I think would suit most people - it's not a brand I can get too excited about, but it looks worth a try.  The next sample is Topicrem body glitter - I'm not sure on this one - part of me wants to moan that this is in the box as nobody over the age of 13 wears body glitter, but I imagine it's more of a subtle shimmer product than the name suggests.  It could be interesting to try for the party season.  Finally the quirkiest item in the box, and I like quirky, it the Marvis Amarelli cinnamon mint toothpaste.  This is the most interesting item in the box for me.  

As you can tell, I liked the Glossybox much more than the Joliebox based on the contents of the November boxes.  This was my first Joliebox experience, so I can't really tell if this is representative of their usually quality or not, but from what I've seen of their boxes on other blogs in the past, this seems to be one of their less exciting editions.  One thing I do like about Joliebox is that everyone seems to get the same products every month, so there's no feeling like you missed out because someone else got different products.  

Both of these monthly beauty box subscriptions cost £12.95 per box.  You can subscribe to Glossybox here or Joliebox here.

Do you subscribe to Glossybox or Joliebox?  
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  1. Don't have any of the boxes where I live but the Glossybox looks best out of both deals! Love the product choices they have, many are in fact on my wishlist heehee..

  2. Wow glossy box looks great this month :)

  3. Glossybox kicked Joliebox's ass that month! I think I'd feel quite disappointed getting just a few teeny samples like that. I hope one of them is super amazing!

  4. I've been considering subscribing to a beauty box for a while now, but I've been torn between the two. Thanks for the great review, I think I'm getting closer to choosing one :)



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