15 Dec 2012

Origins Christmas gifts, baubles and a GIVEAWAY!!

I only tried my first Origins products this year, but I've been really impressed so far.  I decided to add to my collection by taking advantage of some of Origins' brilliant Christmas gift sets.

Everyone raves about Origins' treatment masks, so this trio was top of my want list.  You get full sizes of Clear Improvement, Out of Trouble and Drink Up.  I'll do a full review on these once I've put them all through their paces.

Origins Mask Trio gift set | £29 | Boots

My skin responded really well the first moisturiser I tried from Origins (Make a difference review here) so I wanted the second gift set I picked out to include a moisturiser for definite.  I ended up deciding on the Morning to Midnight gift set which includes Night-a-mins night cream, Drink Up intensive (the overnight version of the Drink Up mask), VitaZing day moisturiser and GinZing eye cream.  I thought this one was really goo value for all of the products you're getting and I've heard a lot about VitaZing and GinZing, so it's time I should try those.  

Origins morning to midnight gift set | £39 | Boots 

And finally I had to pick up something I've been obsessing over / stalking since this post.  The Origins Christmas mini baubles.  I think these are a great little gift to introduce a friend to Origins, so I've bought one each for a lot of my friends this year as an extra gift (I've told them they mustn't read my blog in the run up to Christmas, so hopefully they're not snooping this!).  Each bauble includes 5 mini products - Clear Improvement mask, Plantscription serum, Plantscription eye serum, GinZing eye cream and Modern Friction scrub.  They cost £6 each or you can buy two for £10 and they'll come gift boxed.  These are exclusive to Selfridges on Oxford Street (as far as I know), but don't worry if you can't get down there, I have thought of a solution - read on!

Origins minis Christmas bauble | £6 each | Selfridges London 

Giveaway time!

I bought two extra Origins baubles to giveaway, so if you'd like to win one of those, here's what you need to do - 
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  3. Tweet me - I've entered @fluttersparkle's giveaway to win one of two exclusive Origins Christmas baubles - enter here http://bit.ly/XrrISf
I want to try to get the baubles to the two winners by Christmas (hopeful I know!) so I'm only going to keep the giveaway open for a few days and it will be UK only.  I'll pick the winners from the valid entries on twitter and if you win I'll send you a tweet asking you to DM me your address.  Please reply as soon as you can and I'll run down to the post office to send your prize.  I'll close the giveaway at 10pm on Monday night and tweet the winners.  Good luck!  

What's your favourite Origins product?  I want to know what I should try next.

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  1. I've only recently got into Origins products and absolutely love their Never a dull moment cleanser. The plantscription concealer is not too far behind on my love list. :)

  2. I've never tried Origins before but all of the products look lovely!

  3. Already following you on Twitter and GFC but just tweeted about the giveaway. the baubles are such great gift ideas, I've never tried Origins, but heard great things xxx


  4. i so wanna try out origins products because we dont get it in my country and your giveaway is also not international =(

  5. Oooh this is so generous! I've heard amazing things about Origins and really want to try their face masks, especially out of trouble and the charcoal one (the name escapes me!) so this would be amazing!
    Already following as gfc Courtzz, twitter @xcourtz and have tweeted: https://twitter.com/xCourtz/status/280041814155735040

    Thanks! c.childs@live.co.uk x

  6. Oooh I love origins, especially their checks and balances face wash.

    Following both GFC & Twitter, plus I've tweeted:

    xxxx :-)

  7. Following GFC and Twitter!!

    Tweet - https://twitter.com/Passion4Makeup/status/280056019315482624

  8. I went to selfridges in London today especially for one of these and the woman said I could only buy them in 4s for £18 so I went against it. Went especially for them :(
    My tweet is https://mobile.twitter.com/emmak_25/status/280057042104881153 and name emmak_25

    Thanks a lot!

  9. Wowzer you got so much for your money, well done! I've not tried anything from Origins yet as they dont have it in Malta but I'm so eager to get my hands on something when I get back to the UK for a visit. The make a difference moisturisor sounds right up my street. So clever that you get to try out a vast range of products for a fraction of the normal price! xx

    Visit The Other Side Of Cool
    Tweet me! @othersideofcool

  10. I'm following via GFC and Twitter!
    I also tweeted :-) https://twitter.com/beauty__bird/status/280066855484407808
    I would looove one of these baubles so fingers crossed! I bought the Out of Trouble mask recently and liking it so far!xx

  11. Thank you for the lovely giveaway :)
    I follow via GFC as Rachel Crawford
    Tweeted too :)
    These products are just amazing, love the bauble idea :)

  12. I haven't tried many Origins products but one I have tried is Modern Friction - which I highly recommend! You use it in dry skin and then shower it off and it has a really smoothing and detoxifying effect. Perfect for the end of winter and start of spring!

    These baubles are so cute, a perfect stocking filler for a lucky someone!

    Following your blog via GFC and on twitter as @b_fly77 and I've tweeted as above. Thanks for the giveaway!

    Merry Christmas! x

  13. Fab giveaway :) I love Origins just wish my bank balance agreed! Follow via GFC & twitter & tweeted! Xx

  14. I love these! Following and tweeting @perkyhayley, GFC Perky (perkyhayley@googlemail.com)

  15. Following via GFC and twitter (bbutterflyblog) I've been dying to get my hands on an origins bauble but I don't live near a selfridges!

  16. Wow this giveaway is amazing! I tried to get hold of one from the website for a gift but they'd all sold out :( devastated!
    LaurasHaven.com x

  17. GFC + Twitter: rebeccalouiseee
    would so love to win as Origins is my fave skincare brand atm!

  18. The first product I tried by Origins was the Super Spot Remover and I am now about to repurchase it for the 4th time. It is a very powerful spot remover, I get frequent horrible break outs of spots and really had given up on "spot treatments" as nothing worked but got given this as a present and am so grateful!

  19. I adore Origins, my favourites are the Clear Improvement mask and Modern Friction.
    The mask is the only one I'v ever tried that really gets deep down into my pores and cleans them out, and Modern Friction is by far the best scrub I've ever used!
    Hope you enjoy your haul, I'm quite jealous of the Nightamins as I really want to try that.
    Mel xx


  20. Amazing giveaway hun! I follow with GFC & twitter @jetleyjade :) x

  21. I've only recently tried Origins too, I had a little sample of their newest moisturiser and it was delightful :)
    Lovely giveaway, perfect present for me for Christmas day!
    I follow you GFC and Twitter
    Louise xx


  22. I've not tried any Origins products before but these look amazing! xx

  23. Totally agreed with above, the products look amazing!

  24. these are adorable and such a great idea!
    Twitter- Iheartmexoxo
    tweeted https://twitter.com/iheartmexoxo/status/280288323187142656

    thankyou for this lovely giveaway!
    Hareem x

  25. The baubles are such great gift ideas, I've never tried Origins, but heard great things

    Already following you on Twitter @Sad20ful
    and on GFC as Sadi

    I tweeted about the giveaway here :

    Thankss alot

  26. What a gorgeous giveaway! I've seen the baubles on Instagram but never even realised that they had products in, wish I'd bought a few now, got my fingers crossed for the giveaway! :) xx

  27. these look brilliant. I love Origins products

  28. I have heard a lot about origins recently- this could be the tipping point, where I have a little trial- I do like the sound of the products from your review

  29. I adore the Origins Night-a-mins and the Drink Up masks. I've got the Ginzing eye cream for Christmas and I cannot wait to try it out :)
    I would love to win these baubles, they're sold out online and I really wanted to get my mum one for Christmas, fingers crossed eh.
    So glad I found your blog via this giveaway too, it's lovely!

    cahlloyd@googlemail.com // @caryslloydx


  30. There's so much origins on my xmas list! These baubles are so cute woudl love them!
    https://twitter.com/Bexx_xx/status/280347886842155008 - tweeted

  31. I've never tried them so don't have a favourite, they look great though! I follow with gfc as mummy24 and follow and have tweeted as @ashlallan

  32. I love the A Perfect World Antioxidant Moisturiser with White Tea - only used a sample of it but it sinks in wonderfully

  33. These baubles are so cute woudl love them

  34. I don't think I've ever tried Origins but I have heard good things about them and your post makes me keen to give them a go!

  35. I've never used them, but they look very nice and would be nice to try them.

  36. I've never tried anything from Origins but I'd love to try some of their face masks! Great giveaway :) x

  37. I've never tried Origins products, but those baubles look so cute, and a perfect way to try a variety of their products:)

  38. Following you on GFC and Twitter with @Purple__Skull x

    Never tried Origins but it all looks wonderful :)

  39. LOvely giveaway - I cant follow on GFC as I dont have it as Im on wordpress :o(
    But I follow you on twitter @LTBeautyBlog & also on Bloglovin

  40. I love Origin, find they are one of the few brands whose products actually work AND they always smell gorgeous too!

  41. Already follow both :)
    I love Origins

  42. Already following you :) I love Origins products - VitaZing moisturiser is amazing and Make a Difference treatment lotion xx


  43. I'm so gutted I missed out on these! I love the origins modern friction, my skin feels so clean after I've used it!

    I follow you via GFC (charlotte) and twitter @charhosking, I just tweeted you! :) x

  44. Love Origins - my new favourite of theirs is the Checks and Balances cleanser, although I'm also a big fan of their Zero Oil range and the Charcoal Cleanser. xx

  45. I have never tried origins but have always wanted to! I have followed all steps above @lovell020606

  46. Am already following via GfC and Twitter :) Fingers crossed! @KatherineKW

  47. Feel really cheeky for entering but living in Glasgow means I missed out on these :(
    my favourite Origins product is GinZing eye cream but to be honest I've yet to try anything by them that I disliked :) xxx

  48. Tweeted & followed you! Great giveaway! x

  49. I really wanted to buy these but by the time i got to buy them they were out of stock :( So fingers crossed for mee yay!! :D X @KatieXova


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