30 Dec 2012

What I got for Christmas (2012)

Not the most eloquent of titles, I know, but it does what it says on the tin.  I've been very poorly since Boxing Day, so sorry if it seems a bit late to still be talking Christmas presents, but I'm only now just starting to feel human again.  The boyfriend started coming down with something on Christmas Eve and I started to get the same thing on Chistmas Day.  Luckily we were well enough to have our Christmas dinner and didn't start to feel really poorly until the evening.  Since then we've been hibernating at home with lots of tissues and Lemsips (bleurgh).  Looking at Twitter it seems lots of people have had a very similar thing :(

While I've been poorly I've managed to watch all three series of Downton Abbey which I'd been meaning to try for ages as lots of people told me it was good.  I really liked it and devoured all of the episodes on my Kindle in just three days.  Aside from that I've been reading lots of blogs and so many people have been showing what they got for Christmas, so I thought I'd just grab a few snaps and do the same.

I loved everything I got!  I think my favourites are my new palettes, the nail polishes, the candles, the diary (for blogging) and my Kindle, oh and the cookbooks. I have so many amazing new toys to play with :) Oh and if you're wondering what the red / clear spaceship pod thingie is, it's a cupcake carrier! 

I hope you got great presents too and had a lovely Christmas.  And if you were poorly like me, I hope you're feeling better.  
Did you get any of the same presents as me?

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  1. So many candles, I'm jealous! I own those Fox socks and owl gloves - Cute doesn't cover it xx

  2. Wowww you got some gorgeous presents!
    Blogged about my pressies last night, we got the same Mac lipglosses in the bow box :)

  3. I got a kindle this christmas too and I'm having so much fun with it. You got so many nice goodies! x

  4. How beautiful and practical presents. I love all them! I have also received a 'book' that has many make-up for eyes inside (sorry, I dont know how to say it in English). Happy New Year from Spain!

  5. I've been ill over Christmas too, seems like a lot of people have! Hope you're feeling much better soon! What a lucky girl, I love candles and couldn't live without my kindle now xx

  6. That is a whole lot of candles!
    Sorry to hear you've been ill, I'm usually ill over Christmas and it sucks. xx

  7. So annoying to be poorly over Christmas - I hope you are feeling better now :) You got some lovely gifts - I love the look of the China Glaze polish set! x


  8. so many lovely presents.
    any ideas where the owl kindle case is from.. Just curious heh.

  9. Some lovely presents, I got Real Techniques brushes too!


  10. I am in love with the pixi palette you got, may have to save up and treat myself.
    Angela x



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