31 Jan 2013

Finishing Touches nail art supplies from Superdrug

You know I love a bit of nail art so I was more than happy to try out some of the 'finishing touches' range from Superdrug.  Nail art is so much more popular now - I remember when you used to have to order online if you wanted anything more exciting than a nail polish, and now look at all the sparkly goodness at our eager fingertips.

I had a play around with a few different designs to see what these products had to offer.  On my little finger I'm wearing three of the stick on stars in a row.  These are super easy to use - possibly one of the simplest things in the kit.  I just stuck these on top of wet polish and added topcoat.  On my ring finger I have my favourite design - I traced the half moon using crystals from the large nail art kit.  These are more tricky to apply as they're very tiny but with patience and an orange stick I managed to get them in place.  I used the glue that came with the kit to keep these in place, but you could also use clear polish.  

Onto my middle finger I used another part of the large nail art kit - holographic hearts.  These are nice and flat so easy to place onto wet nail polish, but a little fiddly to pick up, so more orange stick action here.  I was doing both hands so I stuck to something simple as I always mess up when I do the other hand if you see what I mean.  I just traced the tip of the nail with the pen and then thickened the line.  This nail art pen works differently from most others I've tried and I'd say it's more of a true pen.  It has a proper nib and you need to push it down on paper to get it flowing.  The 'ink' comes out fairly slowly and only as you apply pressure, so it really is good for drawing on top of a dried coat of polish.  A lot of other nail art pens are a really runny consistency and I tend to find you can't get a precise line or dots and I end up making a lot of blobs so I found this Superdrug one ten times better.  

On the index finger I dabbled with the pen again to draw a line across the nail and then added on of the stars for a shooting star effect.  I quite like this and would probably do this again on its own either on all of my nails or a few as an accent.  

For my thumb I intended to do a glitter stripe using the glitter from the large nail art kit, but I hadn't waited long enough for my base colour to dry, so I ended up with a full glitter nail instead.  I didn't mind though, as I quite liked the effect of the super glittery almost foil like polish all over the nail with a little of my purple polish peeping through.  

I haven't tried the nail wraps yet, but I'm sure they'll be just as good as all the other bits I got to play with.  I really like nail wraps and find then really quite easy to use.  If I'm honest I didn't try these because I wanted to save them for a special occasion of some sort rather than wearing them with nowhere to go as I really love the silver star design on them.  I like to wear nail wraps that give me a design I couldn't manage on my own - I had spending time carefully applying nail wraps for someone to say 'oh I like your nail polish' - aaargh.  

The Superdrug Finishing Touches range includes lots of different nail art products in various colours and designs and everything is under £7.

Have you tried anything from this range?

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  1. Oooh I do love a bit of embellishment and those are a great price. Love the lilac and silver together as well. Will def have to have a nosey at these :)

    Sara at BelfastBeautyLove xx


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