13 Jan 2013

Little updates

Time for another twitch of the net curtains to see what I've been getting up to...


China Glaze It's a trap-eze | China Glaze champagne kisses 
Models Own Prussian Blue and Freak Out | MUA fur effect nails to try out


Playing with some of my favourite things I got for Christmas and having a tough time finding a home for it all. I think it's time for a spring clean :(


Fun with animal finger puppets | the latest addition to my growing onesie collection
I predict these moustache sheets will be the next big Primark 'thing' | Prettying up my desk to ease the back to work blues


I want to look like Kimmy K | My Neom Harmonise candle wafted its last 
Things I love about winter #32 - super cosy socks | Swirly candy cane candle <3 i="i">


Perfect Chinese takeaway | Christmas dinner - I could so eat this right now
More Christmas noms | ginger nuts with choc philly and banana 

We were so ill from Boxing day until New Year, which explaines the general lack of intagraming and food pics especially!  I've not included my latest dinner pics as I'm going to do a whole post on my adventures in (attempted) healthy eating in a day or two, so watch out for that if you're interested in what I've replaced my diet of Lindt Lindor balls and sausage rolls with :) 

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  1. I managed to talk myself out of a fox onesie in primark yday but I sort of wish I'd bought it.

  2. Looks as though life is treating you well. I love the China Glaze Gold Polish and the fox onesie! I have the penguin one :)
    LaceyLoves x

  3. You are officially the queen of the onesie Gem HAHA. Sexy lady xxx


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