3 Jan 2013

New homeware - pretty heart shaped plates and bowls from Next

Not a beauty related post today, but I see my blog diversifying a bit more in 2013 and including a few more lifestyle and recipe type posts as well as the usual make up, nails etc.   Next sent me a voucher to spend on anything I fancied and I couldn't help turning straight to the home pages of the catelogue and these instantly caught my eye.

*Serving bowl £16 | Side plates £14 | Dip bowls £8 | Next

I got a lovely big heart shaped bowl which should be perfect for salads or serving a big pasta dish.  The smaller heart bowls are dip bowls which I've already been using over Christmas for crisps and popcorn.  My favourite are the side plates, they make all food look so cute!  They also have dinner plates to match and I'm beginning to feel the need to get those too.  I thought my boyfriend might feel a bit weird about heart shaped dinnerware but he really likes them and thinks we should get the plates, so they're next on my list as well as a few other beauties I've spotted in the new Next catalogue.  There's so much home stuff in there I really want to get.  We're planning to redecorate a couple of rooms their year and we're saving for a new kitchen, so I might just get to have a bit of a homeware spree! 
*Bought with gifted vouchers

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  1. These are so cute, I have some similar that I got as a gift but they wern't from Next! I really should check out their homeware more. xxx

    Charli | Secrets Behind The Closet Door

    1. Dan's mum got us matching coasters for Christmas without realising I was getting these. Great coincidence! Heart and star home stuff seems so popular now xx

  2. So pretty! I want some of these when I move :) x

  3. love these! so pretty :)
    hareem x

  4. They are so cute! I love Next homeware :) x

    Beauty by Emma

  5. Oh my! They're so adorable! xx

  6. These are lovely, I bought some heart shaped bowls from Wilkinson's for the sweet table for our Wedding, they were a lot cheaper but I'm not sure how the sizes compare. xx

  7. very nice, I love them too!

  8. These are so cute, I do love Next and their homeware section!
    Lucy xx


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