29 Jan 2013

Oragnic Surge Million Dollar anywhere balm review

*Million Dollar anywhere balm | £11.25  | Organic Surge

This is the first and only product I've tried from Organic Surge but I'm going to make a wild assumption and say it's the best in their range.  This little jar has been happily accompanying me on snowy and chilly adventures over the past two weeks, on hand for any skin situation.  

Dry hands?  This'll fix it.  Ragged cuticles?  Yep.  Forgot your lip balm?  No worries.  Redness / potential spot?  Whack it on.  I've been using this balm for all of these reasons as it's just so versatile - on Thusday evening I thought I was getting a spot as I had a sensetive feeling on my chin and some redness.  I can't be sure if it was a spot coming along or what it was, but I applied a little of this balm and forgot about it, and the redness went away.  

My favourite thing about this balm is the smell.  It smells deliciously lemony and everyone who's witnessed me using this has grabbed the jar for a closer sniff and a little steal of the balm to moisturise their hands.  

This is a solid sort of balm, so no worries about the lid loosening and the product spilling.  You can warm the balm with your finger to pick some up or you can scoop a little out and warm it in your hands before applying it wherever it's needed.  I love a good multitasker.  

Have you tried any Organic Surge products?  
*PR sample
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  1. i dont love lemon scents but i love how versatile this balm sounds.

    ill have to track it down and try it on.
    loving your blog!
    newest follower
    BreezeyBee Blog

  2. i love multi purpose products, this sounds really lovely, I quite like the packaging too.

    1. Me too - I hate it when I carry too many products in my hanbag and it gets so heavy to lug around!


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