11 Jan 2013

Reliving my makeup journey with Avon (and a review or three)

Before Christmas I received a bit of a blast from my past - some Avon makeup to play with.  I say it's a blast from the past for me as Avon is one of the brands I used to experiment with when I was much younger.  We never had an Avon lady down my road, so I didn't really come across the brand until I started to work in an office and the Avon catalogue would be passed around all the girls.  I remember I used to order so many lipglosses and I was in love with the shower gels too.

Once the Avon lady moved on, I didn't really order with Avon anymore.  I'm not sure if Avon sold online back then (they do now), but I think it was the excitement of getting the catalogue and flicking through to see what was new or on offer that I quite liked.

Anyway, it seems things have really moved on since I last ordered from Avon, and they have several hero products out that have quite a cult following.  Despite not having perused an Avon catalogue for quite some time, I'm well aware of the SuperShock mascara and gel eyeliner as they get some rave reviews from other bloggers, so I was rather pleased to receive those along with an eyeshadow quad for my beautifying pleasure.

*SuperShock mascara | £8.50 / £4 (on offer) | Avon

The famous SuperShock mascara!  This has a substantially large brush and it's one of the rubbery kinds rather than the bristly sort.  I tend to prefer bristles, but as most mascaras these days have moved away from that, I'm trying to embrace the change.  Because the wand is nice and big, this mascara gives good coverage in a matter of seconds - I'll always give a thumbs up to something that's quick to apply in the mornings!  

I find two coats of this is perfect for me and gives great impact to my lashes which lasts all day.  I never use waterproof mascaras as I find them just too much of a pain to remove, so I rely on the regular mascaras I use not to smudge.  This one held up very well considering I was testing it while I still had the unpleasant remnants of a cold (hence why there is no photo of me wearing it with my dried out skin and crusty nose - nice).  This is usually £8.50 but I spy online that it's currently on offer for £4.

*SuperShock gel eyeliner pencil | £6 | Avon

The little sister of the SuperShock mascara is the matching eyeliner.  I'm not good with eyeliners - I think I have dodgy eyes.  There are very few eyeliners I can wear on my top lash line without them transferring onto my crease / brow bone to make a smudgey mess.  Unfortunately this eyeliner does just that, but so does every other gel liner I've ever tried.  Because of my quirky eyes I can only really use hardcore liquid liners that dry almost instantly on my top lash line.  Because of this, I opted to wear the SuperShock gel liner on my waterline instead, where it quite happily defined my eyes and stayed in place for a good few hours.  If you have normal eyes, give this a go on your top lash line as it gives a lovely smooth and intense line with zero dragging, but if you have very oily or just plain difficult lids like me, it might only work for you on the waterline or tightline. 

*True colour eyeshadow quad in purple haze | £8.50 | Avon

Well now purple eyeshadow, oooh I say.  This takes me back to my younger years of purchasing from the Avon catalogue - purely because I used to order a lot of purple.  Back in those days I went with what my favourite colours were without a care in the world for what might actually suit my skin / eye / hair colour!  

These days I tend to opt for safe neutrals a lot because I know they suit be and I'm a bit boring, so it's nice to have a bit of daring colour on hand, and of course it's my old favourite - purple!  I can't miss an opportunity to tell you just how much I loved purple - well pink and purple actually.  Don't judge me, I was only 14, but I once wore purple Ugg style boots with lilac tights and a pink skirt.  Actually, judge all you want, I know I deserve it.  

If you're going to be brave and venture into some brighter colours now and again, these quads are a great way to do it as you get four shades that coordinate and work well together.  Purple Haze has a pale grey / silver, two different shades of purple and a dusky blue.  I really like the blue as a liner colour.

  These aren't the most pigmented eyeshadows, but they're versatile enough to give you just a light wash of colour or can be built up into something more intense.  If I'm using an 'out of my comfort zone' colour I always like to apply it really lightly to get my confidence going.  

Do you have a 'ding dong Avon' lady, or do you order from Avon online?
*PR sample
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  1. I still love Avon, i just reviewed a Colourtrend Lipstick too!
    Still my old faithful go to is Avon. x

    Loz│NOIR │♥

  2. The True Colour Quad looks lovely! I love purple eyeshadows :)



  3. The only Avon product I own is 'Liquid Bra'... might have to invest in some of their makeup! :P x

  4. Avon only recently made it to pakistan, ive still got to try their makeup but i think they have some really great polishes :) im having an international giveaway on my blog featuring goodies from victorias secret, revlon, wetn wild and elf incase youre interested :)


  5. I am quite the Avon junkie! My Mother In Law has an Avon Lady so I order through her. I don't think I'd bother as much if I had to order online. There's just something magical about opening the newest brochure :D

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

  6. I actually am an Avon rep in my spare time, and I love a lot of the products. Being a rep means I can get things really cheap which is great for trying new things. I love some of their foundations too, and all the mascaras are great! xo

  7. I AM an AVON lady!!! So pleased you love the supershock mascara. it's one of my favourite products too. Although I do like the Super Drama mascara and the super extend. I've also been using the glimmersticks for an eyeliner. They're great.

  8. Avon eyeliners have always been pretty decent, i have a foundation by them that i've barely worn though, need to give it a proper try!

    Zoe | zozeze.com

  9. I love the supershock eyeliners, they literally don't budge on me:)



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