15 Feb 2013

Big statement necklace jewellery haul (and a few others!)

I've been lacking in nice costume jewellery to reach for lately.  I think most of the stuff I already had has either been broken, tarnished, lost, or I've just gone off it.  I went out in search of a couple of new 'big' necklaces and came back with this little lot.

Gold and pearl intricate collar necklace - New Look - £7.99

Deep red feather dangle earrings - New Look - £3.99

Little cream owl necklace - Superdrug - £2.50

Dangle feather owl necklace - New Look - £5.99

Multi-colour tier necklace - Dorothy Perkins - £10

Chunky gold drop necklace - Dorothy Perkins - £15

Cute little sale bracelets - Dorothy Perkins - £2 - £3 per set

I managed to come home with a few little extras I didn't really need, but I love the three big statement necklaces I got.  Dorothy Perkins had a few more I liked but they were all £15 each which would have added up to a lot if I'd bought any more.  I might pick up another one next time I go or I might be lucky enough to catch one in the sale.

Which shops have you been loving for a little jewellery purchase lately?  

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  1. I love Forever 21 and a little shop in Coventry called Muse, they have so much choice and are really reasonable.


  2. Love the collar necklace its gorgeous! and the gold drop necklace :)



  3. i like the dorothy perkins bracelets! theyre lush!x


  4. I love the Dorothy Perkins necklaces, might have to go and have a nosey are their statement jewellery xx

  5. Beauitful necklaces:) x

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  6. I loved the drop gold Dorothy Perkins necklace!!! I need to go an get it now.... :)

  7. Waahh! They're lovely! I've just made an order on Newlook, too :)
    I wanted those earrings but they were sold out online :(

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