23 Feb 2013

Instant eyeshadow duos review and application

I'm a bit rubbish at applying eyeshadow that get any more complicated than a wash of one colour across my lids.  No matter how many 'Kim Kardashian smoky eye tutorial' videos I watch on youtube, I can never get it to look the same when I try a smoky eye or complicated shadow combo on myself.  Because of my kack-handedness in the eye shadow application department, I'm a bit of a prime candidate for these *instant eyeshadows from ColorOn.  No expertiese required!

I was sent the three lovely colour combinations below Bermuda, Desert Sands and Gypsy.  These are all really great neutrals for me and I'd have probably gone for these if I'd picked them out myself.

I also got a rather flashy set called The Jack, which as you can see gives you Union Jack eyes!  These would have been perfect for last year with the Olympics and Diamon Jubilee going on.  I think I'll need to save them for the next big event.

In each pack you get two pairs of shadow strips (although one of my packs had 3!), a brush and a setting powder.

The strips have a protective layer which keeps the shadow in place until you're ready to use it.  The colour pictured here is Bemuda.

I decided to try these when I went out for a meal with my boyfriend, so sorry all of the below pictures are with flash rather than daylight.  I went for the shade Desert Sands.  

As you can see, I peeled off one of the applicators and pressed it down over my eyelid, lining it up along my lashline.  Once against the lid you need to hold it in place whilst pressing and smoothing over the back to make sure you get plenty of colour on your lid and an even result.  

When I took the applicator away I saw that the colour had transferred really easily and I had quite a blog result.  

Once I'd applied the colour to both eyes I set about blending.  The instructions say to use your fingers to blend the edges of each colour together by gently patting.  I didn't want a super bold result so I decided to use a brush.  This really softened the effect, and I then added the finishing powder to keep it all in place.

I finished with mascara and eyeliner as usual (although some of the other shades have liner built in to the applicator).  I'm pleased with the result - I know I blended a bit too much, but the paler shadow looked very white against my skin and it would have been a bit much for where I was going!

I'll defintiely be trying out the other colours and maybe I'll be brave and do less blending next time.  I only use one of the applicators for both eyes, and there's plenty of colour on it to be able to get more applications - I think I applied this one a little too heavily so would use a lighter touch next time.   I've been told you could get up to ten applications with each oval.

The instant eyeshadow duos cost £9.99 per kit and come in loads of different shades which you can see here.
What do you think about instant eyeshadows?  Would you try them?
*PR samples
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  1. Hmmm they look really nice when blended, I'm impressed!

  2. These are such a good idea especially if you are in a rush!

    1. They were quite quick to apply - much faster than if I was trying to do something creative with different coloured shadows myself.

  3. I thought that the unblended photo was the end result then, I nearly cried with laughter! I agree with Jade though, these do look surprisingy good but I am not sure I could justify the price, it'd be cheaper to just learn how to do the eyeshadow I think!


    1. Haha that would be funny! I would buy them for the darker smoky eye colours as that's the look I just can't master by myself!

  4. thats really cool! such a good idea too! especially if youre not very good at makeup (like me lol)


  5. oh wow these actually look quite good! I am surprised!
    Carissa xx
    Vanilla Crush Blog

  6. I'm impressed with the final result but I don't think I'd try these myself. If I had to reach for a brush anyway that seems a bit pointless to me! I'd be interested to see how the more patterened ones apply though!


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