19 Feb 2013

Little updates - Newsworthy!

So we're all familiar with 'little updates' by now.  They mainly consist of a little report on what I've been up to through the medium of instagram.  They'll still be around, usually on a Sunday, and usually filled with foodie and nail snaps, but this post is about a new kind of updates I'd like to introduce onto the scene, and I'm calling it 'newsworthy'.  As the name suggests, it contains all of the best beauty news and other exciting bits tickling my antenae at the mo, which I think you might want the juice on too.  So here we go...

Marc Jacobs does beauty and oh how I bet he'll do it well.  I'm such a sucker for all things MJ that I know I'll be desperate to get my hands on this range when it lands in Sephora.  I hope there'll be a UK stockist too, otherwise I'll be tapping up friends abroad to call in some serious favours.  I heard about this from Jayne's Kitchen, and she has more details and images over on her blog.

Get £5 off a London black cab ride with a new app called Hailo.  The idea is that when you need a cab but can't spot one to hail you use the app to find one.  The app is for iphone and android.  Go to hailoapp.com and enter code 'FYRKB' to get your £5 off.

Nail polishes you keep in the fridge - sounds a bit odd but it's for real!  Models Own are launching their brightest polishes yet - the Ice Neon collection.  The five uber bright and super cool (you knew I wouldn't be able to resist it) new colours will be available online at modelsownit.com from 9 March and in Boots from 22 March.

Dr Linda is back on QVC and will be presenting her Skin Therapy Anti-Ageing Starter Kit on Alison Young’s Beauty Fix on 28 February.  LP skin therapy is a really interesting concept - they don't have products for different skin types - the range is designed to target the underlying causes of skin deterioration, namely stress.  
Bioderma will finally be easy to get hold of in the UK, finally, finally!  It tooks its time, but it's coming.  No longer will we have to order from ebay or beg friends who are popping over to France or any of those other lucky countries where it's sold pretty much everywhere.  

Win £350 worth of beauty goodies with newly launched fashion and beauty site flutter and drum.  As well as gorging on all of the style and beauty updates, you can also join in by uploading your own nail looks.  I'm about to have a go just now.

Get creative while saving the planet at milliontreesproject.com  You get to design a tree with cute fuzzy little animals and for a small donation a tree will be planted somewhere around the world wherever its most needed.

This week I'm mainly.... hankering for warmer weather, wanting to book a summer holiday and buy some new beachwear.  Avoiding all the painfully cool street style snaps from LFW which make me feel anything but.  Wearing matchy matchy pink lips and blush (Maybelline on the lips, Illamasaqua on the cheeks).  Munching on my best Canadian  find - fudgeeos - think oreo but chocolatier and fudgier.

So what do you think of my first newsworthy post? Was there anything that interested you?

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  1. I've started doing a similar post to this, I think its a good idea to share all of those little snippets that aren't enough for one post.
    Excited by Bioderma coming to the UK, I may have to finally give in to the hype and try it! xx


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