17 Feb 2013

Little updates (the one where I went to Canada)

I got back from Canada on Monday after spending 6 days in Toronto so this week's updates are rather dominated by my trip.  It was for work, so there wasn't much time for sight-seeing, and a blizzard which brought in a foot of snow stopped me from getting to see Niagara Falls :(


1 - the CN tower (from my hotel window)
2 - Toronto at night from the 54th floor of a tower 
3 - loadsa snow
4 - the CN tower changing colour at night

We had planned a little trip up the CN tower to the viewing bubble, but on the day we had planned to go the bubble was in the clouds because of the blizzard, so we were told we wouldn't have been able to see anything!


1 - Illamasaqua speckle nail polish 
2 - swatching some Revlon lip butters we don't get at home - red velvet, brown sugar and sugar plum.  I only liked red velvet.  
3 - swatching YSL rouge volupte's hot pink offerings for my friend at Heathrow
4 - fab new sheer lip colours from Maybelline which I shall blog about soon


1 - finally found the new kitkats.  Thoroughly disappointed by the lack of coconuttyness of the coconut one.
2 - exciting Cadbury flavours sold in Canada 
3 - My first bubble tea - I went for mango 
4 - I got back just in time for pancake day


1 - a rare ootd from me - I was planning out a suitable 'posh dinner' outfit for while I was away
2 - some of my haul from the Canadian drug stores
3 - I did a fair bit of shopping
4 - came home to find my Zara boots had been delivered - in love with these


1 - tried my first eggs benedict at Heathrow and I liked it 
2 - I never usually order a burger in a restaurant but this was super tasty
3 - Eating Oysters in a very flash restaurant called Canoe in Toronto 
4 - and an amazing lamb dish at the same place


1 - I had to have waffles for breakfast at least once 
2 - more flash food - we got to eat so well while we were in Toronto - all plans of healthy eating totally discarded
3 - not so flash, this was one of our best dinners at a diner recommended to me by Jayne
4 - chocolate overload - I'll start healthy eating again soon I promise
5 - my first meal at Busaba Ethai - really tasty food, slightly odd, noisy environment
6 - enjoying guava cocktails and a cheeky photo bomb from Yu


A quick nod to Valentine's - I know people either love it or hate it.  I think being away the week before Valentine's was a bit of a unwitting master plan - my boyfriend must have been lonely without me so he went shopping!  He never usually surprises me like this on Valentine's so I felt very lucky and spoiled.

1 - our cards (I bought his in Canada, so it has beavers on it like most things they sell)
2 - cute little set up he made for me and a furry flower because I told him I didn't want him to waste money on a bouquet that would die!
3 - he did so well - he even took inspiration from my blog!
4 - all the red sweeties 


1 - I got big hair at a London Aveda salon - don't like my awkward face in this picture but love the fabulous hair
2 - Fox socks rock
3 - as do frog socks - these are possibly the most expensive socks I've ever bought, but there were cute and they're infused with shea butter or something (in other words they saw me coming)
4 - posing with MAC runaway red on my lips


I couldn't end this post without a mention of one of the hi-lights of my trip to Canada.  I got to fly first class which is something I've never done before and could probably never afford.  It was a work trip and there was a special offer with BA so we booked a business class ticket but got a first class upgrade one way.  As you can imagine it was all pretty awesome and luxurious.  The cabin crew were so lovely and attentive and there were so many extra little details.  What topped it off is that my boss and I were the only ones in the first class cabin!  I did myself a little inflight facial which mainly consisted of using my Origins drink up overnight mask and then ended up chatting all things skincare with some of the lovely cabin crew - hello Bernie and Saba! 

As we were the only ones in the cabin I took advantage by taking a few snaps and two Vine videos which I've shared below.  

Double click on the black box to play the videos

Sorry that was a bit of a long one.  Well done if you made it through.  As a reward I have a Canadian drugstore products giveaway coming up soon :) 

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  1. Woo seems you had great time. Awesome photos. I envy you!!! It's been a while that I traveled :P
    Aree With Umbrella

  2. Oooh first class, you lucky thing, sounds like you had a fab time, those Zara boots are gorgeous :-)


  3. those zara boots are seriously gorgeous :).. as for the first class, wowweee xx

  4. wooooooooooooow! first class looks beautiful!
    i seriously want to go shopping now thanks to your haul!
    gah, everything is beautiful! gla you had a great time!


  5. I have vowed to fly 1st class at least once in my life, but only on long haul - the comfort is what appeals to me more than anything (and lack of screaming babies!). But this is a fab post thanks for sharing and glad you had a great time :)

  6. Ahh I am green with envy reading this post, next time take me? Looks like you had a fantastic time xxx


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