1 Mar 2013

alessandro international happy pink review and swatches

There's something so fresh and effortlessly pretty about pink nail polish insn't there?  This one from alessandro international couldn't be better summed up by its name *'happy pink'.

This is a gorgeous colour which I've already worn twice since it arrived with me a week ago.  I have plans to wear it again combined with some sort of gold sparkles - I love a rosy pink shade with gold, it's just perfect.  

It's my first time trying a polish from alessandro and I'd not heard of the brand before and that's because they've only just launched in the UK.  They been selling polishes in Germany for years and are popular there because of their 'colour code' system.  All of their colours come in regular nail polish, gel nails and lac sensation which is a salon applied gel polish.  I like the idea of this - it means you could get your nails done at a salon but would be able to touch up at home with the matching nail polish.  

The regular nail polish claims to last for 7 days without chipping.  On me, no brand I've ever tried has lasted much more than a day before there's a little chip on at least one of my nails, and this was no different.  I don't hold it against this product at all, there's just something about me and my furious typing that makes my nail polish chip all the time.  

I liked the really creamy formula of the polish.  With pale pinks you can sometimes need a lot of coats to get a really opaque result, but this one gave a beautiful finish in two coats.  The little chubby lid is designed for a good grip and the wide dense brush makes appplication easy.  

As I mentioned, alessandro have only just lauched in the UK, so look out for them in salons soon and in the meantime you can check out all 99 colours in their range here.

What colour ar your nails right now?
*PR sample
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  1. I've never heard of this brand before, but love the name and the bottle. It's also pretty impressive that you got so long out of it. Looking forward to their UK launch.
    Sara at BelfastBeautyLove xx

    1. Happy pink is the perfect name for a polish :)

  2. Love this colour! Must look into if they stock it in the Netherlands :)

    1. Oooh I'm not sure, I hope you can get it!


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