16 Mar 2013

Bourjois 8 in 1 BB cream review

I've tried a lot of BB creams and until now, they've all been the kind that come in a squeezy tube.  The new BB cream from Bourjois is bucking the trend by presenting itself in a palette with a sponge applicator.  I like the idea of this and the packaging and application method makes it feel more like a foundation to me than a BB cream.  

I'm wearing the shade 22 beige doré which is pretty much perfect for my medium skintone.  The shade range isn't huge - there are only 4 choices - but they're dubbed 'smart shades' because they are able to blend with your natural colour.  

This is Bourjois's first BB cream, but they've gone all out and packed in 8 different benefits into one product.  The BB cream is designed to even out the complexion, smooth the skin, correct blemishes, conceal dark circles, mattify, provide an anti-ageing effect, hydrate skin and it has SPF 20.  

I wore the BB cream for the first time when I was having one of those days where I only popped to the supermarket.  I wore it together with a bit of mascara and blush and that was it (oh and lipstick, never go anywhere without that).  It gave me a higher level of coverage than I was expecting, so I resited reaching for the concealer, and it gave a slightly matte but still a little sheeny sort of finish, so I dodged the powder too.  I liked the finished look on my skin and BB cream lasted sveral hours before I noticed patches where it had worn away - I would usually use a primer with any foundation, so this is to be expected.  Having said that, the compact design with its big mirror makes it ideal for taking with you if you need a touch-up.

Generally I wouldn't wear this alone for a full day out and about as I need more coverage for my dark circles and for redness, so I would add some concealer for those areas, but for lazy days when I want to get away with using the bare minimum of products just so as not to scare the children in the newsagents, this is ideal.  

*Bourjois 8 in 1 BB cream is priced at £11.99 and is currently exclusive to Selfridges, although it will be coming to other stores soon.  



  1. I love BB creams for those good skin days where you don't need a lot of coverage! This is a bit novel as well, not having it in a tube! I really like your blush in that photo as well :) x

    Made In A Cup

    1. Thank you - it's the fresh cheeks one from Look Beauty in guava xx

  2. I like the packaging but I think it would upset me when it runs out and I'm left with the packaging thats too nice to throw away! xx

  3. This looks awesome! Sadly I can't find this brand here anymore.. I may try eBay, hoping they have a (very) fair shade.
    There's a giveaway on my blog, Korean sheet masks and other stuff as prize. You can sign up since it's open to Europe ;)

  4. Oh nice! Seems like a great product :)


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