10 Mar 2013

Clinique repairwear laser focus and bottom lash mascara

Lately I've been trying out two eye products from Clinique - repairwear laser focus eye cream and bottom lash mascara.  I've been using the eye cream for a month now, so long enough to review how the product works.

I like to use an eye cream for prevention of fine lines.  I don't have too many lines around my eyes yet - I can see the beginning of some crows feet around the corners, and a bit of a crease under the eye.  I want to keep it that way, so I try to remember to use an eye cream morning and night, and for the past four weeks or so it's been this one.  

Aside from wrinkles, I'm also concerned about dark circles under my eyes and also the texture of the under eye area.  The skin under your eyes is really thin, which is one of the reasons we see dark circles, but I've also noticed I can get quite an uneven texture with little bumps, so I also want an eye cream to sort this out for me.  

Repairwear laser focus has been a pleasure to use.  It doesn't sting or irritate my eyes at all, it goes on smoothly and sinks in instantly making my eye area feel plumped and hydrated.  I've been able to use this morning and night as it doesn't intefer at all with any makeup I want to put on.  I'm starting to notice a smoothing effect under my eyes the longer that I use thie eye cream.  The bumpy texture I mentioned is improving, and I've not noticed any new lines, so I'm going to keep using this and see what happens next - you can see how my eye area is looking now at the end of this post.  After a month of twice daily use I think I've used up about a third of the jar.

*Clinique repairwear laser focus costs £28 for 15ml.

Clinique bottom lash mascara was featured in my February favourites post as I've been using it non-stop since I bought it last month.  I got this because I have quite oily eyelids and find any makeup I put on or under my bottom lashes tends to smudge quite quickly and can end up looking a mess.  

When this mascara first came out (last year I think?) I didn't really see the point of it and thought it was a bit of a gimmick to get people to use two mascaras at once.  It wasn't until Fei from Peonies and Lillies mentioned this to me when we were discussing have oily lids, that I realised it might be worth trying.  

All I can say is that this really works!  The teeny brush makes it easy to coat even the smallest bottom lashes without getting mascara on my skin.  It leaves the lashes nicely defined and they don't smudge.  I'd stopped wearing mascara on my bottom lashes but now I have this I'm wearing it every day.  

I've been using the bottom lash mascara alone on my bottom lashes, but I have read that you can use another mascara over the top and that the effect should still work.  I might give that a go, but for now I'm happy with the result I'm getting just from bottom lash.  

In the images below I've been using repairwear laser focus eye cream for a few weeks.  I'm wearing bottom lash mascara on my bottom lashes and Clinique high impact mascara on my top lashes.  My lip colour is Rimmel Apocalips in Apocaliptic.  

Have you tried these products?

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  1. I´m considering getting both of these now... thanks!

  2. This looks great, I love wearing eyecream it feels so nice on the skin:) x


  3. I haven't tried either of these but love Clinique skincare. The eye cream sounds really good! Might have to check this out :)

    Christina | Passion Obsession

  4. I really want to try that mascara! I've heard so many glowing reviews of it :) x


  5. Bottom lash mascara seems to have some amazing reviews
    Charli @ Charli-dot-dot-dot.blogspot.com


  6. Would you like to follow each other? Let me know! :)


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