26 Mar 2013

In my shower - woods of windsor and organic surge

Being a bit of a product addict and usually being overrun with things I need to use up, I tend to keep different products in the shower from the ones I have next to the bath.  I even keep a different cleanser and face scrub in my shower! The latest things to join the crew of products in my shower are this shower gel from Woods of Windsor and and body lotion from Organic Surge.  

I can be a bit lazy with applying body moisturisers but I really like the benefits so to help remind me to use them I like to keep one nearby to apply when I get out of the shower.  The *fresh ocean light body lotion from Organic surge is light as the name suggests, so it's perfect for applying while my skin is still damp as it sinks in easily and quickly.  It's got a nice refreshing fragrance with lemon, rosemary and lime essential oils.  A moisturiser in a bottle is also much easier for me to use when I get out of the shower rather than a tub lotion too.  

The *Woods of Windsor shower gel in the scent Cedar Woods is a really pretty and traditional looking product.  It's a really nice shower gel that lathers up well and can also be used in the bath.  The scent is really pleasant even though it's not my usual style.  I would normally choose quite zingy shower gels that'll wake me up in the morning!  There's another one in their range which is bergamont and neroli scented and I really like the smell of that one as I always gravitate towards anything with neroli because it's one of my favourite fragrances.  


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