17 Mar 2013

Little updates

Time for another update through the wonder that is instagram.  If you don't follow me already on there you can find me by searching 'fluttersparkle'.

1 - Playing which China Glaze Whirled Away
2 - The dangers of Boots online shopping
3 - daily face - I should do this more often
4 - trying out a new polish brand 
5 - even more pink nails using Kiko nail wraps
6 - a new toy to play with from Ciaté


1 - the awesomeness of Fudgeeos which I think are only sold in Canada :(
2 - Mmm peanut butter
3 - the creme egg addicition is back on
4 - nawww kittypillar cake


1 - my Mum would never get me a ball pond when I was little
2 - a good hair day using Enrapture rollers
3 - all the noses
4 - cutest slippers ever
5 - my fave flats
6 - my house smells amaaaazing now that I have this


1 - first trip to ping pong and I only took a snap of the drinks #fail
2 - best steak of my life at Gaucho
3 - cooked up a seriously unhealthy but uber tasty pork belly dinner for Mother's Day
4 - making my trademark strawberry margaritas for my besties


1 - made this tasty mint julep all by myself at coctail making class
2 - a cake I pretended I baked for my mum
3 - authentic dim sum in China Town
4 - explosive dessert

Oh so many food posts as per usual.  I need to do another 'healthy eating update' if only to confess that I've not been eating healthily at all.  Ooops.  Eating out is just too much fun.  I'm thinking about starting to do posts on London restaurants I go to and sharing snaps of what everybody ate and that kind of thing - good idea?  

My blog has been under the knife for a little face lift, so flutter and sparkle now has a brand new look.  I'm very excited about it and I hope you like it.  My blog surgeon of choice was Felicity from Pursuit of Felicity Designs - if you fancy a custom blog design I highly recommend her - I was being very fussy and she was super patient :)

As well as redesigning my blog's look and layout I'm also planning to give my photos a make-over.  I've finally decided to the the plunge and buy a DSLR next month after playing with Jayne's camera at an event on Friday.  If you want to see the photos I took of Jayne getting a modern victory roll hairdo (they came out rather well even if I do say so myself!) have a little look here - victory rolls up do.  

You may have heard this week that google reader is being dicontinued.  If you're reading this post in google reader right now, from July you won't be able to do that anymore.  From reading lots of tweets, most people seem to recommend the best alternative is bloglovin' and you can easily import your entire reading list from google reader with one click. If you want to follow flutter and sparkle on bloglovin' just click here.

And I'll leave you with a few posts that have inspired or interested me lately - have a happy weekend :)



  1. Love love love your little updates!! Loving the new blog design aswell!! :).. Xx

  2. Love the new look! Its still very you.. Ahh youre just like me! I just put up a food post over on my blog.. Maybe you'd like to have a look? :)


    1. I'm glad you like it! I'll take a look xx

  3. the food love glorious! especially the cake, its making me hungry!


  4. Love these posts! How do you make your strawberry margaritas?? They look perfect ;-)

    1. You need a blender that can crush ice up really small to a slushy consistency. The ingredients are rum or tequila (rum makes it a daquiri and tequila makes it a margarita), fresh lime, sugar and a strawberry cocktail purée from a brand called finest cal. I buy it in Makro and you get a massive bottle for £4. If you can't get that you can use fresh strawberries but you need quite a few!


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