6 Mar 2013

My latest adventures in hair with Aveda and Living Proof

I have a love hate relationship with my hair and I wonder if it'll ever be the hair I want it to be.  Actually I know it'll never be the hair I want it to be, I've just got to work with what I've got and I'll have some good hair days and some downright awful ones.  My never ending quest for better hair days means I'm forever trying out new products and rarely buy the same product twice unless it really made a difference.

Lately my forays into new hair product territory have seen me experimenting with some Aveda products and a brand I'd not really come across before - Living proof.  

I'm sorry I'm not talking about these products in the same order as the photo, but it seems more logical to talk about them in the order the fit into my current routine, so first, Aveda scalp benefits shampoo.  I ordered this after going to have my hair cut at an Aveda salon and hearing lots of good things about Aveda while I was there.  I picked scalp benefits after looking on the Aveda site and using their rather handy hair diagnosis tool.  Scalp benefits seems to be recommended for most scalp issues, so dry, flakey or oily.  That surprised me as I would usually assume people with a dry scalp would need a completely different product to those with the opposite issue, but the idea of this shampoo is that it balances your scalp to bring it to a 'normal' state.  I'm about half way through the bottle now and I included this shampoo in my monthly favourites, so we're getting along very well.  My hair is less greasy the second day after washing with this shampoo, so that's a definite result, although it does still need washing.  I can't deal with greasy hair at all, so I've kind of given up on the idea of becoming an every other day washer, especially now I have a fringe, but I'm impressed that my hair doesn't get as greasy as usual.  Other shampoos I've tried for greasy hair have dried out my ends, but so far I've had no issues with this.  The shampoo lathers up easily and smells fresh and herbaly which is nice too.  If I still like this when I get near the end of the bottle I'm planning to order the litre size as I hold out a teeny bit of hope that it might reduce my hair's greasy tendancies further over time.  

Once I've towel dried and combed my hair the next product I've been using is the Living Proof prime style extender.  I bought this in Sephora when I was in Canada (but we can get it in the UK at Space NK)after I saw Anna mention it here.  This product is designed to be a primer for your hair, so it prepares the hair for other products and makes them work better.  I'm finding it difficult to tell if this is true or not - I should probably put it on one side of my head and not the other, but I don't want wonky hair.  Anna has since included this product in her February favourites and has said she gets an extra day before she needs to wash her hair when she uses it - it doesn't do that for me (no suprise there with my unruly hair) but when I wear my hair in a side fringe and use this, it looks fresher and neater for longer, so in that sense it is working for me.  I used the primer all over my hair last time I curled it and I didn't notice the curls lasting any longer.  So, a bit of a mixed result with this one - it depends what you want from the product.  I'm now just using it on my fringe as that's when I can see the benefits.  

Before blow drying I've been using *Aveda smooth infusion.  I don't put it near my roots or in my fringe, but just on the lengths and ends where I'd get frizz.  It makes blowdrying that bit easier and my hair looks sleeker even before I've switched on the straighteners.  I love a good serum as if I'm not trying to get my hair to move or hold a bit of texture, I at least want it to look sleek, straight and polished and this serum gives me that effect. Smooth infusion also has a few bonus multi-uses as it's also a heat protectant and dehumidifier to keep frizz from coming back.  

And lastly I give my finished hair a blast with *Aveda air control.  If I'm wearing my hair straight, like most days, I tend to just use this to keep my fringe in check if I've styled it to the side.  It's a really fine hairspray so it doesn't make my fringe seperate or look stiff and crunchy like a heavier hairspray might.  This product also smells nothing like any other hairspray - it smells really nice and I don't end up coughing and spluttering if I spray too much of it - even the boyfriend commented that this smells good.  When I last curled my hair I used this and got a much softer result with no crunchiness but the curls didn't really last any longer than usual.  At £18 I do think it's a bit expensive product, but I've really enjoyed using it.  

If you have fine, stright hair with greasy roots and dry ends like me, please let me know what products work for you!
*PR sample
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  1. I love Aveda & The living proof straight spray! I have dry/damaged pretty straight hair!


  2. I have exactly the same hair type as you! the charles worthington dry shampoo is fantastic, best I have come across! Also the BIG hair shampoo does a good job of making my hair feel really clean and to remove all the product build up. I like to use a really small amount of Lee Stafford argan oil at the ends of my hair and this has really helped with the condition of it. Another thing is the tangle teaser, it's great at preventing slip ends :) I hope this helped <3


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