15 Mar 2013

Neom Suptuous Organic Reed Diffuser

My love for Neom just doesn't end.  Their candles are amazing because of their gorgeous, strong and long-lasting scents and now I'm trying out one of their equally fragrant reed diffusers.  The reed diffusers come in four different fragrances - I picked the one called *Suptuous because it contains Neroli oil, which is one of my favourite scents.

Even before you open the box this product looks gorgeous with a big rose blossom on the front.  It'd be perfect for giving as a luxurious gift.

When you open up the box you find a large bottle / jar of scented oil and a bundle of reed sticks.  All you need to do to get the fragrance going is remove the lid from the bottle and take out the inner stopper - as soon as you do this you get an instant hit of the fragrance.  Then you screw the lid back on, pop in the reed sticks and wait for them to soak up the scent and start diffusing it.  

It can take a day or so for the sticks to fully soak up the scent so don;t worry if you're room isn't filled with fragrance at first.  And after a while if you can't seem to smell the fragrance any more you just need to turn the reed sticks the other way up to give them a boost.  I've been using this for a week so far and haven't needed to turn them yet.  

Sumptuous is a blend of rose and neroli so it smells of gorgeous orangey florals and it's a really rich and decadent fragrance.  I have it going in my living room and it gives just the right amount of fragrance to fill the room.   It's quite noticeable so every time I've had someone round they've asked me what the lovely smell is!  

Neom reed diffusers are available from neomorganics.com and they're exactly the type of thing I'd buy as a present for someone who's just moved into a new place.

Have you tried a reed diffuser before?



  1. I had a sniff of these while in John Lewis and loved so many of them! I thought they were kind of expensive for a reed diffuser though. I'd be interested to know how long they last to see if I can justify the price!

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    1. I've only had mine a couple of weeks but I read another review where the person said it lasted them a whole year!

  2. This looks amazing I really need to try some Neom goodies:) x



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