22 Apr 2013

Benefit hello flawless in 'cute as a bunny honey' review

I'm not sure how *Benefit's Hello Flawless got to be celebrating its first birthday without me ever having tried it before.  I guess I probably thought it seemed a little bit pricey for a powder at £25.50.  Silly me because I've now discovered that this isn't 'just' a powder and it really does live up to its flawless name.  Thinking about all the other powders I've bought which have left me dissapointed and cakey - MAC mineralise skinfinish natural I'm looking at you - I'm kind of kicking myself that I dind't give this one a try before, but better late than never as they say.

Benefit's Hello Flawless powder is a pretty full coverage powder and you can use it in several ways.  If you're blessed with good skin, you might want to wear it alone with just some concealer - on good skin and lazy days I've tried this and I've been impressed with the coverage.  If I'm not wearing foundation underneath I'll apply with the sponge that comes included as I find it easier to build that way.  It leaves a lovely matt finish that lasts although I do find a need to moisturise well to just wear a powder, and because of that I sabotage the staying power a bit because my combination skin tends to get shiny in some areas.

The way to wear this that really works for me is over the top of a liquid foundation.  There's something about this powder that manages to make my skin look so even and I rarely find that I'm able to achieve that with many products I've tried.  To avoid cakeiness I'll make sure my liquid foundation is set before dusting over Hello Flawless with a big fluffy brush.  If I've got any areas that need a bit more help I'll add a little extra with the sponge just where I need it.

I love the finish this gives and it lasts all day, although I do use it alongside a longwear liquid foundation (Este√© lauder double wear) and they're a perfect match for each other.  My face will get shiny during the day - that's just a fact of my life - so the Hello Flawless compact is perfect for taking with me in my handbag for touch ups as it includes a mirror and a little brush as well as the sponge.

My shade is cute as a bunny honey - perfect name! - and I can honestly say I will be rushing out to purchase this as soon as I come close to running out.  I'm thinking I may also need to try the Hello Flawless liquid foundation which is called oxygen wow as I might be missing out there too!

Have you tried Hello Flawless?  Let me know what you think if you've used Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow - I'd love to get your recommendations.



  1. I've only had this applied in store and I think I was a bit scared of a powder foundation rather then liquid!

    Great review!


    Stevie xxx

  2. I love love love this!!! My last one fell out my bag on a night out imagine the devistation!! I need to re-buy asap!! XxxX

  3. I love this! Have worked my way through 2 and really need to invest in a new one soon. 10 years old though? I thought it only came out maybe 2/3 years ago
    Followed my the hello flawless oxygen wow?? Xo

    1. Yep that was meant to be a 1 not a 10, sorry!

  4. It's the 1st anniversary of Hello Flawless this year x

    1. Whoopsie! Thanks for spotting that silly typo :)

  5. I'm so tempted to try this but the price tag really puts me off! I have the foundation and I do like using it, you can read my review of that here http://asliceofmylifewales.blogspot.co.uk/2012/10/review-benefit-hello-flawless-oxygen.html


  6. That is pretty pricey! But worth it :)

  7. totally agree with you about moisterising before i didn't once and it went dry in some places, but with moisteriser underneath its perfect, great review xx

  8. I'm a big powder foundation fan but the price does put me off a little bit. I currently use Max Factor Facefinity which I thought was expensive enough at I believe around £11, and it doesn't last that long if I'm using it everyday. So I would be a little unsure about paying over £20 for one. I may well give it a go one day when I'm a bit richer though :)



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