9 May 2013

Cath Kidston Bicester Village outlet haul

I mentioned in this post about my sneaky Mulberry purchase, that I'd been to the Bicester Village outlets in Oxford.  While I was there I couldn't resist a good raid of the Cath Kidston outlet, so I thought I'd show you what I picked up.

My best bargain was probably this bag.  It's a really roomy shopper sort of bag - too big for me for every day probably, but great for times when I have a lot of junk to lug around.  It has expandable sides too, so you can really cram a lot in here if you need to.  I really like the pretty pink floral print on a deep grey background and this was only £16 so it would have been rude not to buy it!

I also bought a set of four star print mugs which come in a pretty tin.  They don't go with my kitchen at all, so like a bit of a mad woman I'm putting them away for when I get my new kitchen in the future.  They were £12.50 reduced from £25.

More star prints, but in different colours - I bought this massive clear umbrella.  I've always liked the clear domed sort of umbrellas and used to buy them a lot years ago.  This one's a regular umbrella shape rather than a dome and it seems really sturdy compared to the flimsy domed ones I used to have.  It was raining and snowing when I was in Oxford, so I justified this purchase as a necessity!  I had the tag snipped off in the shop for me, so I'm not sure of the exact price -I'm sure it was somewhere between £12 and £15.  

In this photo you can also see my new Cath Kidston table cloth - this was an intended purchase as I've wanted one for ages.  I bought the large size for my big dining room table and it was about £25.

On my way to the till I added a few more unnecessary items - a cute little makeup bag and purse.  I sort of needed the purse as when I use a small handbag my long Ted Baker purse doesn't fit inside, but I really didn't need another makeup bag!  The makeup bag was £6 and the little clasp purse was £4.

As they had some of my favourite prints in stock I also grabbed a couple of pretty tea towels for £4 each.

And lastly another thing to hoard until my new kitchen is these pretty nesting tins.  They were £10.50 and I had to have them as this is probably my all time favourite Cath Kidston print - provence rose.  

So all in all I was very impressed with the Cath Kidston outlet - lots of the things I bought are still being sold on cathkidston.co.uk for full price, so they definitely felt like bargains and I can't wait to see what they'll have next time.  

Are you a Cath Kidston fan?  What's your favourite print?



  1. The green Provence rose is my favorite print i have a iphine cover and Ipad cover in this print

    Carrieanne x


  2. Lovely items

  3. Hi, I went to Bicester Village at the weekend and am writing up my post to publish on Saturday. I wondered if you'd mind my linking to your Bicester posts as I managed to avoid parting with cash in CK but I know many of my readers will be interested in the prices and goodies available.

    You can email me on victoriaeales@hotmail.com or find me at www.florenceandmary.com


  4. Oh wow you got some gorgeous bits! I could easily decorate my whole house in Cath Kidston :D xx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  5. I love the Cath Kidston outlet! My parents go to Bicester village quite a lot and I always spend forever in the Cath Kidston shop!

  6. I really want to go back to bicester village now! You got some really great bargins :) x


  7. I love Cath kidston!!!!!! Great haul!! :)) xxx

  8. So many cute items. Love the floral patterns x

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  10. OMG! It's like Cath Kidson porn!!!! Love this. Especially the tins :) x


  11. Oh wow, such an amazing haul! I'm very very jealous! xx

  12. Oh those nesting tins would be perfect in the store cupboard in the kitchen!

  13. I will never buy Cath Kidston at full price ever again because everything is so cheap at Bicester! Lovely post hun. xxo

  14. I keep meaning to go to Bicester but have never been. I'm sure I'd come out with as much as you! I've always paid full price for my Cath Kidston stuff but the majority of it has been a present luckily! Provence Rose is my favourite print too and I actually use the placemats in that print on my dressing table to protect it and make it look a bit prettier! Love the Mulberry bag too, I've got a Mulberry purse and iPhone case again both presents but have never quite been able to justify a bag, although looking at some of the S/S bags it's going to be hard to resist for much longer!
    Rebecca-Louise; autumnleaves-x.blogspot.co.uk

  15. That bag is absolutely stunning! One that you will have for yonks I'd say!

  16. Oh my goodness, how adorable! I have a growing soft spot for Cath Kidston things but don't have a shop here (in Canada) though once in a while it will pop up in discount shops. I was lucky enough to snag a few body products from the line but haven't seen any totes or accessories yet.

  17. I need to visit this store! I love CK and really want a dining table cloth from there. Xx

  18. Wow, that's a lot of Cath Kidson! I love the mugs, they are so bright and colourful. That bag was a bargain too! Xo

  19. So many lovely bits! :)
    I would definitely end up spending loads in there!

  20. I need to go to one of these Cath Kidston outlet stores!

    I've just done my own Cath Kidston haul too



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