18 May 2013

Getting summer ready legs with Veet (eeek pasty skin alert!) #veetdaretobare

Veet set me their #veetdaretobare challenge to get my legs summer ready and very kindly supplied me with all the bits I'd need to prepare for unleashing my legs back into the world again, including some flip flops and some sunglasses - are they to keep me from blinding myself with the pasty whiteness of my legs eh Veet?!   

I really love summer, but that transition period from the safety of winter's woolly tights is one that fills me with dread.  The sun comes out for its first few appearances and I know my cosy comfort blanket is about to be ripped away.  It's time to man up and shed those winter scales!  

Veet have helped me ease into the process this year by sending me their *easy wax electrical roll on kit.  I've tried this before and I really like it - I almost enjoy waxing and don't find it all that painful at all - I think it's really satisfying to see the hairs you've caught on the strips even if that makes me a bit of a weirdo!  The wax is pink too, which adds a bit of fun to the whole experience as well as making waxing easy as you can see exactly where you've put the wax.  I have a full review on this kit here and I've also just seen that Veet have now brought out another version of this kit for sensitive skin.  I've also got a refill of the body wax - I find I can get at three to four full leg waxes from each cartridge.

Veet also sent me another of their *precision wax & care face kits - of course I'd rid myself of any pesky upper-lip and brow hair at any time of year, but this would come in particularly handy to take on holidays with you as all you need is some boiling water to use it.  I'm still using the first kit I got as you really don't need a lot of the wax for small areas - there's a review on the kit here.

So without putting it off any further, here's me daring to bear the legs.... all I need now is some fake tan and some sunshine!  Thanks Veet, that wasn't so scary after all :)

Are you ready to get your legs out for summer or have you been brave already?



  1. I think I am allergic to Veet, had a really bad reaction to one of their leg wax products but my friends swear by Veet!

  2. am getting this veet kit to test out soon, I've never really waxed before so will see how it goes.

  3. My last home waxing experience was a disaster and I've kept away ever since but I think that I'll give it another go maybe this year! :D

  4. I was sent the Veet Easy Wax kit the other day. I had not shaved my legs in about a week in preparation for it. (That was HARD! As soon as the hair grows I'm like "Be gone you hairy hair..." something like that) But ahh my legs are all nice and smooth now and this kit is so easy to use.

    I'm also a weirdo because there is nothing more satisfying (Well there is actually, haha) than seeing a strip of wax with all the evil hairs that have been whipped from your leg. Everyone gives me odd looks when I say that, but it's like :O "ALL THOSE HAIRS WERE IN MY LEG!?" odd satisfaction to see them out. Haha.

    Although I'm a person who keeps her legs covered at all times. Not due to the paleness (And I am transparent), just I don't have great legs so I keep them covered by tights. Haha.

    Juyey xx

  5. I've just got my kit from buzzagent.com and I need to use it, just plucking (getit?!) up the courage! How long did you leave your legs before using it?

    Rebecca x


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