19 May 2013

Little updates

It's snooping time!  I've almost been forgetting to instragram things lately - odd because it's usually my number one obsession.  The other day I ate out for dinner and didn't take a single photo - I must rectify this situation immediately!


1 - adding even more Barry M gelly polishes to my collection 
2 - being indecisive and wearing all of the colours at once
3 - rainbow glitter nails 
4 - wearing Barry M gelly in Papaya


1 - Boots / Debenhams beauty haul 
2 - doing a micellar water blind trial with escentual.com 
3 - duty-free haul from Gatwick
4 - I've been away in Edinburgh for work (and as you can tell I've discovered the 'a beautiful mess' iphone app!)


1 - rainbow first birthday party of dreams
2 - our fabulous rainbow cake
3 - cokes with our names on
4 - the space NK goodie bag
5 - in love with my new Steve Madden shoes
6 - hedgehog birthday cake - not so diet friendly


1 - roasted peppers stuffed with mushroom risotto
2 - diet coke chicken noodles (yes really)
3 - chicken korma with bombay potatoes and rice
4 - diet friendly barbecue food
5 - I've been eating lots of salads
6 - diet friendly burger and chips 

Practically all of the food I've been insagramming lately is Slimming World diet friendly.  I've just completed four weeks on the diet so as promised I'm going to put a post together which explains what it's all about and I'll share a few recipes too.  

Sad news about my giveaway to win a Jacava candy floss polish - unfortunately this giveaway has been removed from by blog.  Despite the company approaching me to run the giveaway on their behalf in honour of skin cancer awareness month, their marketing manager sent me some rather unfriendly emails purely because I said entrants to the competition had to be a follower of my blog - crime of the century eh?!  Unfortunately despite me agreeing to change the giveaway rules the prizes were still withdrawn which I think is very mean spirited considering the giveaway was to raise awareness for a cancer charity!  Unfortunately there can't now be ten winners, but because I don't want you guys to be affected by this issue I've decided to pick one winner who will receive a selection of Nails Inc polishes provided by me.  Nails Inc are one of my favourite polish brands anyway so I hope you won't be disappointed.  I've chosen the winner from the original entries and it's Emily Grace.  

I've had such a hectic couple of weeks what with helping out to prepare the rainbow party (which I blogged about here) and with being away for work.  Things are calming down now so I should be able to get back to daily blogging - I'm bursting with new products I can't wait to share :) 

If you want to follow me on instagram you'll find me there as fluttersparkle and don't forget to enter my main giveaway if you haven't already - there's a hefty box full of prizes to win - most of them things we can't easily get in the UK - check it out here.

Have a great week xx



  1. That business with the giveaway is terrible! Not very charitable really is it?! Nothing makes me go off a brand faster than unfriendly communication! x

  2. That's so rude of the company! Great nail varnish colours and the food all looks so yummy, especially that cake! x


  3. That's so so rude of that company with the giveaway!! Not very charitable at all! Love the Barry M polishes and the Steve Madden shoes though :) xx


  4. I really like the nail polishes! We don't have Barry M nail polish over here but I'd really like to try it :) The food in this post looks too yummy :D Great post!

    X Valérie

  5. wow wow wow your nails are amazing! loving the Barry M colours.

    Those Steve Madden shoes are gorgeous.

    FashionProject x

  6. Those Barry m jelly high shine nail colours look beautiful, totally jealous of your hauls too!


  7. I love the white manicure, I'm definitely gonna try and recreate it :)


  8. Really interesting post - I love reading things like this :) Awful about the company behind the give away though :( xx


  9. Hmm, a little bit rude of them, and as people above have said, not very charitable! :(

    I'm really liking those Barry M colours though! I keep saying I'll have to have a look at them when I next get a chance! :D

  10. ah gem your little updates never fail to make me hungry ;) haha.. I know ive already said it but those shoes really are beauts :) xx

  11. Ahhh where is that rainbow glitter from? I feel I need it in my life.

    Jaye x

  12. Those rainbow glitter nails are fantastic. How did you do it? Also, shame on the brand for withdrawing the giveaway, that's not very friendly!
    Roxy's Box of Tricks  

  13. I can't wait for your SW post, all that food looks way too nice to be diet food!
    What an awful company withdrawing the giveaway! x


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