6 May 2013

L'Oreal Ever Riche sulphate free shampoo, conditioner and hair mask review

I've been trying out some new products from L'Oreal's hair expertese range.  *Ever Riche has now been added to the collection - it's designed for very dry hair - it has no sulphates and it's made with botanical oils. 

I decided to go for the 'very dry and rebellious' version - there's also a choice for dry but fine hair.  I have greasy roots but very dry and coarse ends to mid-lengths, so although I knew my roots might not like these products, I knew the rest of my hair might.  

For a no sulphates product the shampoo lathers much better than I expected.  It's not a massive amount of lather like a regular shampoo, but it's a lot more than some of the 'natural' shampoos I've tried that sometimes feel like they're not even cleaning my hair.  I like to do the squeak test, and my hair squeaks after using the Ever Riche shampoo, so I know it's completely clean.  

I've been using the shampoo and conditioner daily over the last two weeks and I love the smell of the conditioner - it's an almondy sort of fragrance and it smells really lovely.  The shampoo smells the same, but the fragrance is stronger in the conditioner.  I only put the conditioner on the ends and mid-lengths of my hair, as I would with any conditioner.  I just leave it on for a minute or so before rinsing through and it leaves my hair easy to detangle and pretty soft by the time it's dry.  I do find my roots get greasy by night time when I use these products, which I expected seeing as I have oily roots and I'm using a product for dry hair, but as I'm an every day washer anyway, it's not really a problem.

The nourishing intense mask is a conditioning treatment you can use once a week.  I've only tried this once so far, and left it on my hair for a good while when I was having a bath.  It has the same lovely fragrance and is a really thick and creamy conditioner - I'm really impressed with the quality of this considering its price.  I can't tell a whole lot of difference between using the conditioner and the hair mask - they both leave my hair feeling softer and more hydrated.  I've only used the mask once so far so that's probably why I've not noticed more of a difference between the two - using it every week I'd expect to see a my hair looking less damaged too.

You can buy L'Oreal Ever Riche at Boots and the whole hair expertese range is currently on 3 for 2.

Have you tried any of the L'Oreal Hair Expertese range?



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    1. I didn't think it was too bad - most of the products are about £6 and you can get them on 3 for 2 to make it cheaper :)

  2. I have oily hair so I don't think this is something I'll be buying, thought the almondy smell sounds lovely!

    thecasualchromosomes.blogspot.com x

    1. Probably not the shampoo then, maybe the conditioner for your ends? The smell is worth it!


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