5 May 2013

My Spring wish list

I'm fighting a serious desire to shop for pretty spring things today, so I thought I'd pop up a wish list instead of spending any real money.

I have tonnes of blazers, but for some reason I've decided I need a pale blue one in my life and this one from Zara is exactly like the one I'd made up in my head.  Next are the sunglasses I've been lusting after for a while - lots of places are selling this sort of floral adorned style this year but these are my favourites.  I'm slowly increasing my Barry M gelly polish collection and can't wait to snap up even more of their pretty spring shades.  The amazing tan heels are something else I dreamt up - these are the sort of shoes I want to wear with my spring wardrobe for work - I spent hours trying to find something like the ones I'd imagined and now I've found them they're a bit more than I wanted to pay, but they're fabulous.  On the more bargainous shoe front, how cute are the flats from Zara?  Next I've been eyeing up swimwear - I'm dieting at the moment so looking at holiday destinations and beachwear is one of the things I do to motivate myself!  Lastly something that's not even out yet, so no danger of me spending, is the new Honey fragrance from Marc Jacobs.  I know I'm being totally sucked in by the bottle but I just love it - I'm sure I'll be a fan of the scent too, I've never met a MJ fragrance I didn't like so far.

Also on my hitlist for May, I need some new reading glasses for work - I've been browsing here and have my heart set on a cat-eyed Dior pair, my Mum's birthday is coming up so I'm hoping to get her tickets for Cirque Du Soleil London and finally and ever so boringly, I think I'm going to have to pay for a little trip to the dentist as I have a super sensitive tooth that probably needs a filling - the last thing I want to spend my cash on!

Because I've started Slimming World I'm steering myself away from clothing related purchases as much as possible - if I'm serious about losing weight I don't need to buy clothes until I'm smaller - well that's what I keep telling myself!  Shoes are allowed though of course, and make-up - I may have treated myself to a little gem from the MAC baking beauties collection - nothing motivates better than MAC!

What's on your wish list for Spring? 



  1. Love the shoes, blazer and swimsuit! x

  2. Oh yesterday I bought a nailpolish that looks exactly the same! very summeryish! I love the sunglasses and the perfume, I have the Dot but I bet this one smells good as well! :D
    summer wish list : dresses ! haha

  3. Replies
    1. I keep doing a basket dance with them, I need them!

  4. I love the pink shoes and that nail polish is on my wishlist too :)

    Angelica [One Little Vice]


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