28 May 2013

neom luxury organics limited edition enchantment home candle

All Neom candles are beautiful, but the latest offering - the enchantment candle - is on another level entirely.  I have to admit, embarrassing as it is, that I'm just as in love with the box as I am with the candle!  This is a box which I'll find a use for somewhere around the house - no throwing it away.

Breaking the usual trend the *enchantment candle is in white glass and comes with a richly coloured wooden lid.  I'm really liking this new design, and it's complimented beautifully by the outer packaging too.  I try not to say this too often, as I could say it about most pretty things I feature, but this really would make a perfect gift - I'd certainly be delighted to get this candle as a present.

The enchantment scent is one that I think is perfect for burning on long summer nights.  The fragrance is a combination of bluebell, sweet guaicwood and rose - it smells gorgeous and a lot like lilies to my unrefined candle sniffing nose.  This has to be my favourite Neom candle so far, it's such a beaut.

Which is your favourite Neom scent?



  1. I really want to try Neom candles! I've seen them pop up on every beauty-lifestyle blog and I'm really curious about them :) I don't think we have them over here though, I should do a search! Great post!

    X Valérie

  2. This candle looks really nice, I bet it smells lovely too! :)


  3. I don't own any Neom candles but they all look so pretty and sound amazing x

  4. Ooh wow this looks so pretty, I've not tried anything from Neom so far xx

    Gemma | MissMakeupMagpie.co.uk


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