1 May 2013

New brand alert - Cargo Cosmetics - review and swatches

Today I'm sharing with you the first products I've tried from American brand, Cargo Cosmetics.  It's new to the UK highstreet and will be sold in Debenhams.  If you think you've seen Cargo before, you're not going mad as it did used to be sold here years ago, and now it's back.  I never tried Cargo the first time but I seem to remember it being sold on QVC and I think my Mum had some products.  

I've been trying out a Cargo blush, eye shadow and lip gloss in some really complimetary spring shades.  I'm really drawn to the stainless steel effect packaging - it looks striking and simple all at the same time - it also makes the products easy to store and grab in the mornings.

The *blush in the shade 'the big easy' is my favourite - it's a gorgeous rosey, dusky pink and I really like how it works on my medium skin tone.  I've been wearing it loads since I got it - it applies really evenly and it's long lasting.  It's also huge so I think it'll last me for years - it's 8.9g and it costs £19.

I don't often buy single eye shadows - for convenience and to save space I tend to stick with palettes and I always buy really neutral and nude shades, so it was nice to try this golden *eye shadow in Mo Jave to get me slightly out of my comfort zone.  It's not a gaudy gold at all, it's quite soft and muted, totally suitable for daytime, and I really like it.  It's well pigmented, applied smoothly and lasted well, although I do always use an eye primer under any shadow.    Cargo have some other really pretty looking colours in this range too - St Tropez and Columbia look particularly tempting to me.

The lip gloss is the least exciting to me as I really can't get back into being a fan.  I never used to wear lipstick and only ever wore gloss, but for the past couple of years or more it's been the total opposite.  If you are a lip gloss fan this is a lovely shade and it's not a sticky gloss at all.  I tried it layered over a nude lipstick and it really brought out the shade and added a bit of shimmer.  This *lipgloss is in the shade Sahara which I'd say is a pinky nude - the glosses are slightly smaller than your average lipgloss tube, but they only cost £7.50 each.

Check out the full Cargo range at beautybay.com - I'm particularly taken with the gorgeous beach blushes - they're just too pretty.

Have you tried Cargo makeup before?  



  1. That blush looks gorgeous! I'm going to have to keep and eye out for Cargo now :) x


  2. I like the lipgloss, looks very pretty in your swatch

    1. It's almost converting me back to gloss!

  3. I'm so pleased Cargo is back! Thier blushers were fab.

    1. I'd not tried one until now, but I agree!


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