20 Jun 2013

bare minerals marvelous moxie lips review, swatches and creations!

Bare Minerals have just launched a huge new range of lipsticks, lipglosses and lipliners called marvelous moxie.  What's moxie?  Well Bare Minerals define it as shameless sass, all-out spirit, total passion overload with plenty of attitude to match.  Sounds to me like 2013's answer to girl power!  

I've been sent some shades to play with, and I was challenged to create three different lip looks, so let's take a closer look at the products and then I'll share what I've cooked up with them.  

Marvelous moxie lipstick comes in 18 rich and vibrant full coverage shades.  I tried the shade 'live it up' which is a really full coverage, highly pigmented and buttery lipstick.  In a moisturising formula with a satin finish it's what I'd call a true Hollywood red shade, although it leans towards being a slightly orangey red on me.  

The moxie range also includes 14 sheer to medium coverage lipglosses with a lovely minty fragrance.  This gloss goes on really smoothly and feels cooling on the lips.  It gives a fuller look to the tips without being one of those plumping glosses that makes lips feel tingly and uncomfortable.  The gloss also contains moisturising shea and avocado butter.  The shade I tried is called rulebreaker and it's a nude champagne type colour with a subtle pretty shimmer.

And to complete the moxie range there's also a set of 10 glide on lipliners.  Lipliner is a product I don't often bother much with, so I was nicely surprised by how nicely this one applies.  I have the colour empowered which is described as a dusty deep pink.  I think this colour really suits me and I've been wearing it a lot.  Even though my lips can be dry and prone to flakiness, the lipliner gives me a smooth and even coverage when worn all over my lips.  It contains an infusion of minerals to revitalise the lips and it also contains plumping properties for a fuller lip look.

After I'd finished trying out all of the products for a while I decided to try to get a little bit creative to take on my moxie challenge to come up with some different lip looks.  

Moxie glossy kiss - I mixed live it up lipstick with some vaseline and then applied with a lipbrush to get a glossy and sheer version of live it up's hot red.  

Moxie empowered rulebreaker - the most predictable look of the lot, I lined and filled in my lips with lipliner in empowered and topped it with lots of rulebreaker lipgloss for an extra sheeny result.  

Marvelous moxie triple threat - I had to try them all together right?  I started with a full slick of live it up lipstick and then went over the top with the empowered lipliner which has given a more pinkish red finish.  I add a thin layer of rulebreaker lipgloss over the top for shiny lips.  

Super matte moxie - Once I started playing around with these I got on a bit of a creative roll and ended coming up with more than the three looks I set out to do.  For this one I blanked out my lips with concealer before applying a full layer of empowered lipliner all over.  The pale base really brings out the full rosy pink colour of this dusky shade and I got an ultra matte finish.  I really like this one.  

Hint of moxie - can you believe this look was done with the red hot live it up lipstick?  I moisturised my lips before patting on the tiniest amounts of the lipstick with a lip brush to give a soft but long lasting stain to my lips.  

What do you think of my little experiments?  I'm so pleased I gave this challenge a try - I'd never normally think about using lip products in anything other than the usual way or about mixing them together.  I've clearly been missing out!  

You can see the full marvelous moxie range here at bareminerals.co.uk.  The lipsticks and lipglosses all cost £16 each and the lipliners are £13.  

The other lipstick shades I have my eye on are fly high, speak your mind and break away.    Smooth talker and ring leader lipglosses look gorgeous as well as the lipliner in exhilarated.  

Have you got moxie?  



  1. ooo love the live it up

    Gorgeous swatches

    Carrieanne x


  2. Never really dabbled with BM, though i will be looking at their lipstick next time i walk by. You've created three cracking looks :)

  3. oh i love Live it up too :)
    never tried them also xx

    1. The lipstick is lovely and buttery - have a swatch of them if you can :)

  4. Nice lipstick. Looks great on you!

  5. That lipstick shade is beautiful! X


  6. I can't wait try some more :)

  7. The marvelous moxie triple threat looks so pretty!!



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