7 Jun 2013

L'Oreal glam shine stain splash in Eve - review and swatches

I spent a little while umming and ahhing about whether or not I wanted to try one of these L'Oreal glam shine stain splashes.  They're not the product you might think them to be at first glance.  There've been a lot of liquid lip products around lately that are highly pigmented and give a seriously opaque slick of colour, and I'd presumed these were along the same lines.  When I realised that's not what they were about at all, I was surprised again to find they're not really a lip gloss either.  The other thing that baffled me was how different the swatches I found on other blogs looked to how I expected these to swatch, based on the colour I can see in the tube.  Ooooh it was a beauty conundrum, so I had to get one.

I nearly bought a glam shine stain splash online from Boots, but I just couldn't figure out the colours and wasn't sure I'd get what I was expecting, so a little in store swatching was in order.  I finally made the purchase when I was waiting for a flight at Gatwick, so I had time to have a good consider of the colours.  Eve was still the one I liked the best, even though on my hand it looked like a very different product from in the tube.

You could be fooled into thinking this was a fairly opaque and creamy gloss / liquid lipstick, but swatched or on the lips it's quite sheer.  It's not at all heavy or sticky and has a very liquid almost water-like consistency - not your traditional sticky gloss at all, so it applies really well.  It sort of sinks into the lips, which makes it pretty long-wearing, but it feels comfortable on and doesn't dry my lips out.  It doesn't have a shiny or glossy finish as such, more of a pretty sheen.

Now that I've read the blurb I understand that the product is meant to be a gloss that thinks its a stain, or the other way around, and it's 30% water-based, which explains why it feels lovely on my lips.  All round, despite my confused first impressions (perhaps I should pay more attention during the adverts?) I really like this product and have been wearing it a lot.  I might go back for another colour - romy looks like a rather lovely rosey pink.

L'Oreal glam shine stain splash glosses / stains cost £7.99 and you can get them at Boots.



  1. Such a pretty colour! I love it :)
    Great post!

    X Valérie

  2. I tried Romy as I was really intrigued by the texture too!
    This colour looks lovely.
    Great post.

    Emily / Glittery Teacups

  3. They look so nice!! I will definitely have to try them out

  4. I've been contemplating picking up one of these lip stains as well. I like the orange/ coral one but the price always makes me think twice. I'm glad you like it though I may just take a chance and get one myself.

    xo, Janiecy

  5. This colour is so pretty. I haven't seen these in Australia, but I'd love to try it. The packaging is so glam. It looks perfect for an everyday look.
    I have just discovered your blog and I must say I love it. It's presented beautifully and it's clear and easy to read. I've just started blogging and I think your blog will be somewhat of an inspiration! :)
    Love it if you could take a look at my, stop by leave me a comment :)



    I'll have to check if you have Bloglovin as I'll definitely be following you :)


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