25 Jul 2013

Bumble and bumble surf spray shampoo and conditioner

Have you seen Bumble and bumble's new additions to their Surf range?  They've added a matching shampoo and conditioner to go with their famous salt spray, and they also come in these dinky travel sizes, perfect for taking on holiday.  

The idea of the surf foam wash shampoo and creme rinse conditioner is to give your hair a really matte finish as a base for a beachy waves style.  I'm not great with surf spraying my hair into a scrunch and go effortless style.  I always end up somehow bypassing past that sexy un-done stage and bordering on a messy just-dragged-through-a-bush kinda thang.  So I prefer to use surf spray when I'm curling my hair to give grip and texture to hold loose curls - I've got a post on surf spray here.

The shampoo and conditioner add to that beachy feel as they don't leave your washed and dried hair sleek and slippery - it's kind of rougher and ready to take some styling.  These certainly aren't the shampoo and conditioner I'd reach for if I was planning to straighten my hair, but if I'm curling or waving my hair, these give a great base to work with.  I know everybody says you should curl hair the day after you've washed it, but that's totally not an option for my greasy roots, so these are a great alternative.  They really do mattify the hair too, I noticed my hair didn't get greasy as quickly when I used these, and that's always a bonus!

The *Bumble and bumble surf set costs £18 for the three minis which are all 50ml each.



  1. I picked these up a couple of months ago and like you they're great for my second look which I can't achieve naturally either because of greasy roots!

    I do love using these for lazy weekends when I just want to wash my hair and not bother with the hairdryer!


  2. I really want these as my hair is naturally the beach waves style but needs a little push to look perfect.

    I don't know if I can afford £18 though!



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