28 Jul 2013

Little updates

Wow it's nearly the end of July and this is my only 'little updates' of the month - this month really has gone by so quickly.  I think it's all the sunny weather - I've just been spending my time soaking up the sun in my garden rather than doing very much I think.  Hot weather in the UK is too rare to pass up an opportunity to get out a sun lounger and a paddling pool!


1 - Trying out another awesome recipe from rosie the londoner 
2 - If the sun's shining it's definitely Pimms o'clock
3 - Bellinis with blogger chums
4 - And a dessert trolley of dreams 


1 - making the most of summer and all its prettiness
2 - homemade kebabs on our Jamie barbecue
3 - keeping cool with a facial spritz ready in the fridge
4 - and randomly, a Despicable Me 2 push pop!  I am a grown-up, honest.


1 - a bending the rules slimming world breakfast
2 - and a much better one
3 - who knew they made these?  Super lush.
4 - slush puppies for the win


1 - I tried Sophie's steakhouse for the first time and my steak was delicious and a bargain (£10 for steak frittes) 
2 - exploring the other tropical treat Rubicon have to offer
3 / 4 - loving taking my blog photographs out in the sunshine - I'll be gutted when I have to go back inside


1 - Fridays at work are now 'fat' and the local deli has started selling iced coffees - this is not a good thing
2 - my favourite summer cocktail is always a strawberry margarita
3 - a lovely birthday meal at a French restaurant for my friend Zara
4 - and some obligatory drunken antics


1 - I must blog about this essence peel off base coat - it makes wearing thick glitter polishes a breeze
2 - loving everything in my BBB edit box
3 - excited to try my sleep-in rollers but it's difficult to time it right because my hair needs washing every day
4 - another lovely indie polish to add to my growing collection


1 - these are becoming my favourite summer work shoes
2 - I couldn't resist trying them on
3 - maxis and sparkly flipflops are my current go to summer look
4 - looking like a maniac in a new face mask


1 - doing some sad but needed clearing out - bye bye old lipglosses
2 - mature wrapping for Zara's birthday presents
3 / 4 - getting festival hair did

The clearing out of the lipglosses is just a small glimpse of all of the massive clear out I've been having - I think it's delayed spring cleaning or something.  I just have a massive urge to declutter and got rid of loads of bits I didn't use or didn't need at a boot fair the other week and took the rest of my old clothes to the charity shop.  I have a few more odds and ends I want to sell which wouldn't have gone for much at the boot fair so I'm looking for ways to sell those - I love ebay for buying but I'm not a fan of all the rules for sellers, so I'm on the look out for other sites like this one where you can sell your stuff.  A good old blogsale is always an option, so I may do one of those in the near future.

Right, I'm off for some more sunbathing and a dipping of my toes in my kiddies' paddling pool :) 



  1. haha I love the face mask photo lol. I love HK I have used that wrapping paper before x

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  3. Love this update :)


  4. I love your instagram updates :) + I am SO envious of your YSL lipstick collection! x



  5. It looks like you've had a good July. It is so nice to forget everything and chill out in the paddling pool in this weather. x

  6. love those sandals! where are they from?x


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