15 Jul 2013

Sleek lip 4 in ballet and candy blush by 3 review and swatches

I love a good Sleek eyeshadow palette, and I have one of their blush trios too.  The colours are always ridiculously pigmented to the point where I think one of their blushes could last me a lifetime.  When I saw a new blush by 3 palette had come out in beautiful pink and lilac shades I knew I had to have it, and while browsing the stand I was lured in by the pretty lip 4 lipstick palette in ballet.  

Clockwise from the top left the colours in the ballet lip 4 palette are called tutu, plié, swan lake and pirouette.  

I was lured in by the packaging of the ballet palette.  The colours look so gorgeous on the box, and to be honest, they don't represent what's inside whatsoever!  Don't get me wrong, I did bother to look inside the tester palette in the store, but somehow at the time it didn't click that they didn't look much like the box.  

I'm not too disappointed though, the two concealer looking shades aren't right for my complexion, but the pinks are lovely.  It's a shame because the palest - tutu - is a gorgeous formula.  Swan lake is my favourite in the palette, a lovely, flattering pink.  And pirouette is a pinkish nude - a my-lips-but-better type shade.

Onto the real gem that I was looking forward to, the candy blush palette in sweet cheeks.  From left to right the colours are candy floss (creme), dolly mix and cupcake (powder).  They couldn't have picked better names for these gorgeous girlie shades.

These are heavily swatched (not that you need to be at all heavy handed to get a real punch of colour with these), and of course I would wear a much lighter wash on my face!  In the palette I love all three of these shades.  Applied the candy floss creme blush is my favourite, but it's the more statement look of the lot as it's a really vibrant pink.  I can get a much more subtle look with the two powders - the lilacy-pink is different from anything else I own, but leans more pink than lilac on my cheeks, so not too 'out there' for every day.

The Sleek Lip 4 palettes comes in six shades, and the Sweet Cheeks blush by 3 palette is limited edition as part of the Candy collection.  You can get them all at Superdrug and Sleekmakeup.com 

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  1. The formulations of the lip products look amazing, and I love the blush palette, I use mine all the time :D xxx

  2. I wish we had sleek makeup here in hawaii. Nice post =)

  3. Oh all the uk beauty bloggers have that sleek blush palette and I wish I could get it here in Canada, it just looks so beautiful and perfect for all skin tones.

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    xo, Janiecy

  4. I was rocking dollymix yesterday although they're a bit too powdery for my train journey application! The poor man next to me probably wasn't counting on sharing my blusher!!


  5. Wow! These look GORGEOUS!!! The ballet palette sounds so sweet. I've been into ballet for 16 years now so it's perfect to me :) I love your photographs as well x


  6. I really need to that blush palette! x



  7. I really need to try something from sleek!

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  8. I love sleeeeeek and this helps so much..

    check my blog out i'd appreciate that




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