31 Jul 2013

The Panasonic nanoe dryer

As I wash and blow-dry my hair every day, a good hair dryer is really important to me.  I have quite long hair too, so letting it dry naturally is hardly ever an option - plus naturally my hair dries a bit fluffy and rubbish.  Up until a few months ago I was using a ghd air hairdryer, which I really liked as it dried my hair very quickly, but since it broke down a little while ago I haven't got around to shopping for a proper replacement and have just been using a cheap basic hairdryer I picked up in Tesco in a panic on the day my old hairdryer died!  Panasonic's nanoe dryer has come along to rescue me at just the right time - I'd forgotten how nice it is to use such a high quality hair dryer, and it's saving me precious minutes in the morning!  

The *Panasonic nanoe dryer is a powerful 2,000 watt hairdryer with something called nanoe technology which I understand is like ionic hairdryer but better.  It's said to keep a thousand times more moisture in your hair and scalp, preventing it from drying out, and giving a smoother and shinier result.  It also has three heat and speed settings as well as a cool shot button, and a nice lengthy cord.  

The hairdryer comes with three different attachments - a condenser, a diffuser and a quick dry nozzle.  

I've been using the nanoe dryer for a couple of weeks now and I really like it and think it's better than the ghd air I had before.  It's a bit heavier than the cheapie dryer my arms had become used to, but I stopped noticing that after a couple of days.  The quick dry nozzle is absolutely brilliant and it's my favourite thing about this hairdryer. It works by doing something technical combining soft and strong airflows which spread the hair evenly to prevent frizz and flyaways.  What I can tell you is that it dries my rather long hair in around five minutes, which in itself amazes me, but what's even better is that I can rough dry my hair in that short time and still have a smooth looking result.  I've not tried the other nozzles yet as the quick dry one is exactly what I need.

The combination of the nanoe technology and the special quick dry nozzle works perfectly on my hair
and it means straightening my hair is now optional as I get a pretty sleek result just by blow-drying, and I don't need to use as many styling products.  The only thing I'd change with this dryer if I could is giving it a swivel power cord.  The cord is a great, extra long length, but all my wires end up getting in a twist and tangle eventually.  All hair appliances should come with a swivel cord - my straighteners have one and the wire never tangles or coils up... power cord rant over!

The new Panasonic NA65 nanoe dryer is available now from Boots and it's priced at £99.99.  It seems a lot, but having spent that much on a hairdryer before and then going back to a basic dryer before getting this one, for me I know it's really worth it.  



  1. This sounds amazing! I never used anything like this before ^^ great review

    new follower!

    Would love it if you'd check out mine too :)

    Zara (Bows and Pearls)

  2. Looks like a great investment! Will check it out here in my local shops. :) xx

    The Bedside Dreams


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